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Citizen journalism refers to the act of individuals reporting news events and information to the public through the media rather than professional journalists working for news organizations. It can take many forms, such as blogging, social media posts, or online news articles. Citizen journalism is essential because it allows people to share their own perspectives and experiences, which can offer a different angle or voice on a story. It can also provide a platform for those who may not otherwise have access to traditional media outlets.

Provide Opportunity in Every Community

The program is set to operate as a not-for-profit service for the communities they serve, operating locally in every community we are in. Metroplex Locals is the system that connects users with service providers at no cost to the user. Every station manager operates under a centralized news creed. Ours is to provide local news to every community we serve without the requirement of a monthly subscription. Every story that we will publish is backed with evidence from the neighbor that wrote it. Every city can listen to local scanner feeds from local police, fire, and medical rescue. We are news chasers, every city listed is that news chasers' territory, and at no cost to the community, their efforts are compensated by earning referral fees when a user buys from a banner in any news article or conducts business with the businesses that choose to support the effort. We will not litter your email, we do not sell your information to any third party, and we do a weekly newsletter showcasing the top stories of the week. We welcome guest writers to share the things that matter the most to them in this online publication. The community news concept started in Indiana with the purchase of The Circle City Magazine; when we started in the middle of the pandemic, we discovered the need for relevant local news that is sourced by people who live in the community was in high demand and tested the theory in 2021 with the Madison County News Network located in Anderson Indiana as being the first station of the brand. By the one-year anniversary, we have been rated the fastest-growing news concept in the state, but our vision is to bring that to every community from coast to coast.You will never see a political advertisement, even if we like the candidate or even if they gave us a million dollars. This project is about you, wherever you are.  

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