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1/4/2023 REVISITED- We reviewed Cashyew Leads, Full Review, and Information- Deep Dive

Updated 1/4/2023

Micheal O'Hare from Cashyew Leads contacted me in the Fall of 2022 and offered to load my account with some credit to try them again. and we had a conversation about my original review. We ordered a mixed bag of leads and data from him, and this time I noticed I had duplicates from an unrelated campaign, but that can be expected when you use multiple providers. The review video, which is on my TikTok Channel with my wife and me, I posted a video explaining I would do another review.

What is a lead?

But let's first understand the word "LEAD" As many followers already know, our definition of a lead is someone who saw something on a website or social media; then decided to click through and fill out a form for more information. In the merchant cash advance industry, they must consider a lead as someone who had a prior advance or perhaps an existing advance because that is the data I received.

What is a UCC-1

When someone takes funding for their business, it is not uncommon that the funder who has money deployed into that business to file, have, and hold a UCC-1. A UCC-1 Financing Statement, commonly referred to as simply UCC-1 filing, is used by lenders and funders to announce their rights to collateral or liens on secured loans. They're usually filed by lenders with the debtor's state's secretary of state office when a loan or an advance is first originated. Although Merchant cash advances are not loans, UCC's are used in the event the merchant fails to deliver the pre-purchased future income sold to the funder. Obtaining a list of merchants that have UCC-1's filed on them and then selling them as leads does not qualify them as leads.

How do we get leads?

We get leads with no problems by flying our own banners on a plethora of websites, from news stations to department stores, We have several collaborations that bring us leads, and there is a definite difference. We have agents that have stations and have built an impressive network of businesses from within their communities that we work in many sectors, and we have never had anyone claim lists of public information as a lead. We give leads to our agents, and some agents will put money into boosting traffic with our system and can see over 100 leads in a week.

Keep Reading

In an economic downturn environment like we live in right now, we set a major focus on setting up news stations, and it is working very well. We entertained this idea because the Merchant Cash Advance industry pays well, and because of our model, we are one of the few shops that can have this size of staff and not have to add a third-party fee sheet to a deal and keep the news free in the communities we serve.

How do we know?

We have conducted an A/B/C test with one of our Agents, John R., and split the cost of a platform vendor to post Craigslist ads on our behalf, we enrolled the services of a few platforms that have an army of affiliates to post on our behalf on a bunch of websites that see traffic, and we did another test with a social media Instagram star.

We learned this

Getting leads on a large scale is easy with affiliate-rebranding platforms, but they do not convert as well or as fast, You will weed through a bunch of drama on Craigslist to find small files that are risky. The Influencer star was a learning curve, we need to do better when we choose the Instagram star to do a video, as she bought a lot of traffic, but much of it never made it to our agents due to failing to meet the minimum qualifications.

But that's fine; we are still good! Here is why:

We know the news stations bring organic traffic, and we will not sell the list to anyone. Instead, we work with locals across the country to get involved and set up community news stations, we grow them organically, and they click on stuff on the website because they know we won't sell their information. This company spent all of 2021 and 2022 buying up, starting up, and, collaborating up with over 1,100 social media influencer businesses in those years not leaving an inch of the country uncovered. We will spend the rest of this year staffing them and launching them. Make us a plate; we are coming for dinner. Station investors have been interviewed, but we have not accepted any of the offers presented to us because if we can do it on our own, we can do more for the communities we serve and will be serving. I depleted my funds to get us there, and will push like hell to grow it organically and struggle before I let someone come in that does not share the same values. The news stations have seen sponsors, and every single one of them believes in the value of the mission. I share this because I hope it motivates people to never give up on their dreams.

That is not shared to brag; that is shared to invite.

The system has a lot of powerful tools that use no third-party cookies, and they work in every industry we have deployed them in. We will be bringing locals on board in a revenue-sharing platform that allows them to make money as a referral partner on the platform in over 100 industries but also allows them to be a part of our Amazon Influencer Page site allowing them to identify local sellers in their community and to bring them on The Funded Project that is set to air on Amazon in the next couple of weeks, This also allows our agents to participate in the review process of videos to earn commissions from videos viewed by people shopping on Amazon too.

Answering Savage Questions

The video is on a channel that was responsible for selling a bunch of elf-on-the-shelf decorations during the holidays and is not targeted at any of our businesses but at me and my wife. I did not put this review on any news stations, I am running it here in The Metro Life, where it ran originally. I must say, will give you data to work at a reasonable price, but that is what you are getting, data. When you buy data, you need to know that people do not like being cold-called like that, and you will need to have a system in place to make them want to look at your company.

We talked about this before

You should always have several ways to collect leads, and I mentioned that there was a direct collation of duplicates we never entered into our system because we still do not know how 3% of the data we matched, also matched that of what we are seeing from the affiliates. That it is not a negative reflection on Cashyew Leads but more on the affiliate marketers' quality of data we got from those companies. We want the standard definition of a lead to follow the same as it does in any news station, we have a strong drip campaign, but if I buy leads, that means I am doing it for my agents that need to make money faster, that are freshmen agents (we don't use the word rookie.)

Should you be here?

If you would like to explore opportunities in the world of news, we would like to hear from you, but we only allow one per territory. I won't let locals compete against each other in their own cities. Teamwork makes the dream work. On the upcoming season of The Funded Project we are going to focus on the businesses that are a part of Amazon's Launchpad program where you discover big ideas from smaller brands. I am really looking forward to it!

The Funding Dick??? Really???

The name "The Funding Dick" was mentioned in the office because of my name, at the end of the video, I gave them a score out of 10 points, they have the potential to score higher if they want...

If you are a lead provider or a software provider like software as a service program and would like me to review your product or service, I am easy to find. Watch the video first, then read on.

What advice would we give Cashyew Leads?

We want the community to know you delivered as promised, but you still cannot call those leads, when someone is a web opt-in that means they have a contact form that shows us where they came from, their email, name, and other relevant information. Data requires farming, and it is expensive to convert; although you have the cheapest price, and largest selection, you should consider becoming cashyew data, change every word that says leads on your website to data, and you would earn our endorsement. It is a pain in the a%% for a MCA shop to research and pull all of that data, so your service is one that is needed for your industry.


(original story 2/2022)

It has been an ongoing thing; where do ISO's find solid lead providers? Over the course of several weeks, we will be reviewing each one we have come across. We will buy a fresh batch, use the same texting campaign and email campaign that we have always used because we know it works. When we complete the sample list, we will share the results right here, on The Metro Life. We are doing this without making contact with the company we are buying from at first, but after we take delivery on each batch, we notify the company of our intent to review and give them a chance to reply. This company has not replied to my email.

Cashyew Leads Were Easy To Order From

My first thought, I was impressed with how easy the selection and checkout process is. The site is painfully slow to load but still functional as advertised. I purchased the MCA submissions data from 2/4/2022 on 2/8/2022 in the later afternoon and worked these leads on 2/8/2022 and 2/9/2022 We bought 125 records, which is not a massive amount, but a good amount to run a proper test. the records were $1.00 each.

Here is how we worked them:

Each lead is contacted VIA text message first, and the way I do it, and have always done it is I text is this (merchant's first name only) I never say anything more than that. Over 40% of the time traditionally, we get a text back asking " who is this" I simply text back my name, tell them I was informed they were looking for funding, and explain that we would like a shot at earning their business. We send these out manually

How I open

Each merchant gets the same text personalized to them

Pros and Cons

Although for the most part, the data was accurate, virtually every reply was " I did not fill out anything" Many were explaining they were contacted by multitudes of shops, and many had not been in the market for funding, and if they were we heard they were seeking a year ago. Out of 125 contacts, you would expect someone to remember their inquiry from a few days ago, or at least to mention they were taken care of by another ISO in the last few days, none of which happened. Several mentioned they were out of business, and a few even said they had not owned a business in their lifetime. We placed each email address into our email campaign system, and only 52% of the email addresses were deliverable. One big positive was 98% of the phone numbers worked and went to the parties that were listed.

Rick's take

You have to understand your results will be different than my results, but overall, I know how to open and close deals; my overall evaluation is the data they are selling is accurate, but suspected to be older than a year and not a good match to solicit for merchant cash advances. I ordered 125 MCA submissions as seen in the photo above, but not a single person on this list is a real MCA lead. We do not cold-call on the phone, we find that texting and emailing is substantially more efficient. I do not do business with companies that cold-call me, I would not expect any merchant to do business with someone that cold calls them, and our system is effective on all organic campaigns and has worked for years, If this company would like to deliver the 125 MCA submissions from 2/4/2022 that we ordered again, maybe there was a mistake of the list we received, we would run them and leave a revised review. until then, this is my personal experience and I would not recommend ordering leads from here.

Questions about this article? Call Rick at 317-649-0110 or email


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