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Afternoon Updates- 2/2/2022 at Noon- Weather and News- Info on Shooting

Alert- Icy Conditions Expected in Hours

Currently, it is 41 degrees but falling fast, the transition will be sloppy at best. Road conditions are expected to become adverse by the afternoon rush hour and we will be monitoring for traffic updates

Local and Available 24/7

News Updates- Shots Fired

On Wednesday, February 2, 2022, The Anderson Police responded to a report of gunshots near 9th and Locust Street at approximately 2:18 am. As officers arrived, they located spent shell casing in the roadway. Witnesses reported that they heard the gunshots and observed a dark-colored SUV fleeing the area at a high rate of speed. No injuries or damages were reported at the time of the incident.

At approximately 4:25 am, the Anderson Police responded again to the area of 9th and Locust Street to a report of gunshots. Spent shell casings were located near 11th and Locust Street. Once more,

witnesses reported hearing gunshots and observing a dark-colored SUV fleeing the area. While officers were canvassing the area, another witness came forward advising that the dark-colored SUV was parked near Nichol Avenue and Victory Court. Officers searched that area and located an SUV

matching the description. Spent shell casings were found near the SUV, similar to those located at 11th

and Locust Street. The vehicle was towed to a secure lot, and both cases have been assigned to the

Criminal Investigations Division

Should you have information about these incidents, you may contact Crime Stoppers at 765.649.8310

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