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Alexandria BMV Branch to Remain Open

By Brad Hope

ALEXANDRIA-In a press release issued today, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Joe B. Hoage announced that the branch, which is located at 211 S Park Ave., Suite 1 in Alexandria will remain open at this time. Hoage states that “The decision to remain open was made after careful deliberation, including considering impassioned community testimony. We will continue monitoring transaction volume over the next two years, and report those trends to local, and state officials. If transaction volume continues to decline, the branch will close in 2024. The branch will keep their current schedule as of now, which is : Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Ways you Can Help Increase Transactions:

During the public hearing in August, the local citizens asked what they could do to help increase transactions. The simple answer is: use the branch. If you have the option to renew a registration, or ID online, go to the Alexandria BMV Branch instead. A lot of citizens gets letters for upcoming renewal's that you can just mail-in, these come from the Richmond branch, and if that bill is paid, and mailed back, then the Richmond branch gets the credit for that transaction, so instead of mailing it in, take it to the Alexandria branch so they get the transactions needed to stay open past 2024. Local citizens urges all of Alexandria and the surrounding area’s that use the Alexandria branch to stop doing any online, kiosk, or mail-in payments, and start going into the actual branch, which would increase their transactions, and show the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles that the branch needs to stay open past 2024.

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