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ALL NEW personal funding network is NOW OPEN- Meet Firefly!

Firefly is a network of lenders that do personal loans for medium and high-risk applicants. Unlike the original Metro network, this program is for anyone regardless if they own a business or not. These are personal loan lenders, and the network is starting off with 100 lenders who will fund even the lowest of credit scores. It was decided to add this to the network with the economy the way it is, The Funded Project admin staff feels it is a good idea to have more options than before.

Applicants can fund up to $50,000.00 in as little as 24 hours, and the platform has lenders that we have seen fund applicants with credit scores as low as 480. During the beta test of the new platform, The Funded Project was approached by several private funding sources that wanted to launch something for the general public. Metromedia developers worked to set up a centralized application portal so the general public can find capital the same way the business community has for years.

Check it out- Meet Firefly - The personal lender network.

Click the blue button!

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