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Amazon Collaboration Positions News Stations Into Motion To Take First Place Over Competition

Aiming for Christmas

When you take on establishments that have been around for 100 or more years, it should come as no surprise they would try to defend their position, but defend as you wish. The Metromedia-powered media machine proves again to be more powerful. Over the past 15 months, followers have found and followed multiple news brands operated by Metromedia Funding Solutions for straightforward news coverage of things happening in their communities. The Metromedia Brand takes on a collaboration with Amazon in an industry-shocking verified social media influencer status, the first of its kind for an independent news station. The collaboration will allow every brand inside Metromedia to have its own store and generate revenue for it. Unlike the associate's program that has been around for ten years, the influencer program opens the opportunity to have amazon driven leads using a followers platform on each brand's perspective page and opens the doors for affiliates, agents, and vendors to participate and make money as well. The program also gives the metro brand a page on Amazon's main site where the videostars brand can produce review videos that will be shared throughout the entirety of the Amazon Platform, driving new followers to the Metromedia Brand. All videos built by the Videostars platform are built using A.I. Technology. When The Funded Project website hit over one million subscribers, we knew it was time to notify them. We applied back in 2019 but were declined because our following was only 100,000 subscribers before we aired the show for the first time. We applied earlier this year with the news station and the funded project, and they said our following was just big enough to get in, and it accepted us. Because each and every last one of you was a part of that, we will be adding to the admin team someone that will help us locate products for loading to our store; they said we could have as many items as we want. We will love to hear from you if there is an item you want them to scout out for you.

MCCNN News is 1,352 followers behind THB for the number one seat in the county in followers. A month ago, that number was 1,601, and they have been pushing hard in their efforts to keep that lead, but we are gaining faster. With a few explosive stories in its pipeline, we suspect the page should be able to push enough gain by Christmas to pass them.

Just in time

It is quite the present for Metromedia agents as they will enjoy the additional holiday revenue; for some, the opportunity could not have come at a better time. Developers from the Amazon Influencer tech team and Metromedia Tech team worked into the early hours of Sunday morning building the plugin for the Metroplex locals platform and Metroplex National platform. The Metromedia brand does not expect an immediate jump in revenue as forecasts show that it will grow steadily over the course of the next year, increasing company revenue and profits by 10% compounded monthly. The newly found revenue stream will open up an additional 100 admin positions by the end of 2023, with at least a third of them running out of the forthcoming social commerce operations set to be opened in Anderson, IN. The location of that new office has not been disclosed to the public as the real estate team reviews its options. This will be the fourth office in Indiana for the brand and will also become the official training center for the whole brand.

There will be some trial and error, but we are confident that we should have fully functioning streaming studios functioning over the next week. Our goal is to have at least one running this week. In addition, around 85% of brands that use Amazon Stores say the service has helped them add new jobs. For stores not selling through Amazon, the corresponding figure is 52%. According to Amazon's Small Business Impact Report, small businesses selling on Amazon have created more than 1.8 million jobs. Metromedia plans to start working with social media influencers and local small businesses to open the door of opportunity for them to sell on Amazon, and then feature them on our live streams as we feature them on The Funded Project, as Season 3 streams, not on Hulu, not on Netflix, nope, you can watch it on Amazon

Are you a small business owner who wants to sell your products on Amazon? Contact us HERE

See the first store we are pioneering right here:

What is Metromedia doing with its profits?

Metromedia Funding Solutions plans to grow its local news station concept into more communities in 2023. Metromedia Funding Solutions plans to split with its agents and split the company share with the news stations. We are excited to see what the agents will write about; current agents will be onboarded this week. The news stations will also have their own marketing efforts as it learns more about what the viewers want in their community stores. They can add a station-branded store tab, build followings, and live stream from their stations and make the agent payout at the max pay. The featured streams and episodes from The Funded Project season 3 will allow for remote guest hosting and spotlights on businesses across the country,

Anderson, Indiana, was chosen as the leading station for the page and will make money from the other stations as they come into the brand as the Madison County, Indiana page will become the training hub for the whole news side of Metromedia for the United States, They will come here, learn and then sent to their markets to grow.

We are looking to collaborate with the following:

  1. Any buy, sell, or trade group or page on Facebook with an active following of at least 10,000 people.

  2. Any news-related editorial Facebook group or page, including scanner pages. With at least 10,000 followers

  3. Any events page on Facebook that is based on a location, like Indianapolis Events, Chicago Events,

  4. Any TikTok creator with a verified active following with over 1,000 followers

  5. Any industry-related page, cooking channel page, or group on Facebook can make money from selling their favorite pots and pans. A page that focuses on beauty products can sell a lot of Amazon beauty products.

  6. Instagram influencers - over 10K active following.

We will check for bots and check the following thoroughly before we allow you in the program. In all cases, we require the following to be at least 90% from the United States. Using Amazon in the Metroplex system lets us track every sale and every click and know who gets credit for every sale. We are opening this opportunity up to you at no cost to join us,

*funny side note- yes those are Metromedia Wheel caps on the race car image above."

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