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Amazon Prime Access Discounted 50% for People on Snap Benefits | Food Desert Woes Find Relief.

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Rick Moghadam


Low-Income Families Feel Crunch of Economy.

You wouldn't know it if you didn't know the people, as many try to push through and keep things normal for their kids. More people are feeling the crunch between the rise of fuel and food that still seems to be on an uptick, and many communities are feeling the crunch in their utility bills. Almost everyone we work with agrees that the cost of energy has increased by 200% in the past 24 months. With little hope, little sleep, and little money, they keep pushing through. It is sad to say, but most food deserts are also economically challenged areas too. When the poor are faced with finding a way to a supermarket, they are presented with challenges like shelf life, the fresh stuff might not make it to the next trip, and it costs them more, so many end up buying cheaper processed foods that ultimately destroy their health. When setting up our Amazon Influencer account, we discovered a little-known program where Amazon discounts its prime memberships by 50% when they discover their customer is on SNAP benefits. This is available in every state but Alaska. Enrollment in prime is not required, but if you have a SNAP card, you can use it on Amazon, and there are free delivery options available. Snap Card holders that enroll in Prime get the same level of membership the full-price subscribers do.

Regardless if you want prime or not, you should take advantage of this feature if you are eligible. Granted, we make money when people sign up using our banners, but it does not cost you anything to enroll your benefits card in the program. You can save 50% on Prime membership, and even if you only have PEBT and not the full EBT you can still check to see if you qualify, as many schools were able to get PEBT for all registered students in the district, our point is more people qualify than we expected. There is no risk in checking.

Many of the following to the funded project does not qualify for Snap, but during the pandemic, there were a lot of school systems that mailed our PEBT cards that were not income based to get. They were a part of the school lunch program in many states. On a personal note, I bring this up because if you are anything like me, you didn't realize they reloaded the card, and you might have some unrealized cash on the card that is yours to spend; you are paying for it anyway. Or do what I did and load a food pantry box up with it. Check your local state programs online to see if the funds expire or if there is anything you need to do to close the card out. We are not familiar with these programs. We cannot make any promises on what states will do in the future with the cards, or if you should have one or not, you would need to contact your state benefits office for that information. We just wanted to let you know you can save a few bucks, that is important right now for all of us, no matter your income status.


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