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Anderson Community Schools -Reduced Staff Funds Pay Raises.

We learned last week that the Anderson Community School System offered retirement stipends to teachers that qualify. The idea is to bring in newer teachers that will not cost the school system as much, and use the difference to fund the raises. While it became known tonight that food service workers will see a pay raise of 5% the first year and 3% in the second year, it was a known fact that not every employee is covered. Paraeducators that have more than five years of service will receive an additional five-dollar per day increase, if they have more than ten years they see an additional ten dollars and fifteen years will see an additional fifteen dollars per day. The stipend bonuses remain dependant on the position the employee works.

They mentioned the $2,000.00 stipend that employees in administration and, staff who are paid using funds from the 21st-century grant. This is the first time that they have been included. Jeff Barranco, the vice president mentioned that they have called out as many employees as possible to receive the stipend, and continues to mention that the raises are paid for by the retirement stipend package that is up for offer. "We didn't go out and find money we had" He also continues to mention that they are paying for these raises by reducing the number of staff. He gives credit to the mediator that worked well with both sides. They also opened the public hearing addressing the superintendent's amended contract. The current contract period does not change, and no additional raises outside of the ones already included are added, however, there are two stipends for them in the first year and one in the third year. The stipends are for retention and hazard pay for the first year total of $5,000.00 and the other payout would be $2,000.00. None of these issues can be discussed before the 14th of December by the board. As we learn more about this, we will update this story. Watch the meeting below.

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