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Anderson Handyman Beta Test Opens Additional Services- Follow Up Story

Press Release- New Information

Beta Test Shows a Need That Can Be Fulfilled In Our Community.

Exactly one week in on the beta test project known as Anderson Handyman the developers discovered the need and want for a service like this is in high need. Several contractors mention they have recycled materials collected from various job sites. Items they speak of are kitchen cabinets, Scrap plywood, and even appliances that can be used for smaller jobs and quick repairs. The first service they added to the site is a marketplace, it is free to use. The site wants users to list items related to home improvement but they must be within the service area and only do local pickup style transactions. The other service, we think everyone is going to love. Developed locally by Metromedia Funding Solutions, the goal is to provide the solution to the challenges we face as a community.

Truck Buddies ???

Have you ever looked at a nice patio set at the store and thought to yourself that you would buy it but getting it home would be a challenge? Maybe you found a really good deal on a stove, but it is in Indianapolis or Muncie, this is the part of the service app that you can order someone with a pickup truck to meet you there to get it and bring it home. It also helps contractors that need materials picked up from the lumber yard and bought to the job site without having to leave the job site. Thrifty Shoppers will find this to be very useful during the Garage sale season, or perhaps you found something at the Goodwill or Flea Market. It is not a moving company service, pricing is set up to help large-item buyers get their purchases home safely. The best part is you only pay for the services used, and after completion of the job. The beta test will include three drivers that are independent contractors to provide the service at the launch. The goal is to add more as more are needed.

Plans to scale include giving back to local charities

Several local charities and churches will enjoy the donation side of the marketplace. People can donate construction-related or home improvement related items that will be distributed to Not-for-profit organizations to build things like more food distribution boxes, and they have a goal to collect enough materials to build tiny homes for the homeless. Exactly how, or who benefits is not determined yet, but they all want to help local programs in Anderson.

Untapped Opportunity Helps Working Hoosiers

The platform goal is to provide an opportunity for local pickup truck owners to make some additional cash, if successful results are seen during the beta test, the platform developers will set the ordering interface to operate like DoorDash or Uber which would allow you to shop at ease, and not let the daunting task of taking that load of lumber home in a minivan full of children. The Driver's App will be developed upon the results of the test.



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