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Anderson Indiana Selected For a Beta Test of a New Service That Could Bring Jobs

A new concept targets locally

It is no secret that everyone is watching their spending closer with the rising costs of food and fuel. Businesses have been watching their spending too. Madison County has a lot of talented handymen that work in all aspects of contracting and construction, but many have complained that materials and labor shortages have caused hiccups in their businesses causing them undue hardship. Local web developers from Metromedia are working with them to overcome these obstacles. The new service works with local contractors to find available workers, and local suppliers to find the availability of materials in order to help consumers save some cash, and provide stability and consistent work for these contractors. Many are finding that they are able to charge less per job because they can bank on another job being lined up, that alone helps them not have to charge as much.

Anderson and a 25-mile radius selected.

Anderson Indiana and a 25-mile radius were selected to beta-test this concept because many of the homes in the area are older and many need some sort of repair. The handyman service is a network that connects the handyman service providers with local customers without the monthly overhead costs or lead costs that many in the industry claim they cannot afford, instead they only pay a small percentage of the total job cost (3%) or $10.00 for the lead if they get the job, and furthermore do not pay for that until they complete the job and the client reports back that they are satisfied. The dynamic should bring stable work to 100's in Madison county and affordable service to those that need it. Each service provider is vetted for ability before being admitted to the network.

Materials Availability Network Proves Cheaper

With the backing from Metromedia and its business commerce platform with manufacturers across the country, the platform has identified that it can shave around 10% of materials costs off for the homeowner, and the logistics network allows the materials to arrive at the homeowner's property as fast as an Amazon Prime order, The platform that is still under construction is live under a beta test for our area, and as it gets completed and launched fully it will allow local contractors and homeowners to order building materials as easy as ordering groceries. There is no requirement for contractors or homeowners to use that part of the service but many will find it is cheaper to do so, and the developers at Metromedia are working with manufacturers to have an expanded product availability for all price points. The platform also has a contractor's side where they can order materials on the fly, and have them delivered to the job site with a service like Uber.

All eyes on Anderson

The logistics and delivery part of the Anderson Handyman platform also allows for the delivery and assembly of furniture that you put together. So, when you see that new bookcase or dresser at Ikea or Walmart, the platform allows you to save on delivery costs by having it picked up by a handyman provider and put together on your site. This part of the beta test also works well with Amazon furniture. If this service takes off locally, the business plan or "war plan" will be setting up local networks across the country, with the corporate office located in Anderson bringing up to 100 high-paying administrative jobs and dispatcher jobs to Anderson. The final buildout of the platform also includes an in-house financing sector to allow property owners to obtain financing for more expensive projects and financing options for contractors to buy equipment and tools. What makes it different from services like home advisor is the system does not charge the contractors monthly fees and lead costs allowing them to charge more affordable prices, which is a welcomed sight in a world where everything else seems to be going up.



The platform pushes recycling and drives down waste.

Part of the beta program also has a materials buy-back program for leftover materials from jobs. For instance, in a recent test job, the contractor ordered additional 2x4 boards, and cut them to fit for the job, but the scraps left over were sold back to the platform and the platform was able to sell them discounted to another contractor for a job and it worked perfectly, which stopped the scraps from being placed in the landfill.

The beta test will have over 1,000's services

From trash hauling to fixing leaky sinks, the platform is designed to put local handymen (and handywomen) to work across the area. They want to work with landlords that have a property in need of repairs, homeowners, and more. They also have a desire to build up the "curb appeal" of the whole service area and want to hear from owners of property that are abandoned and have lined up several programs with funding partners across the country to line up the funding that is needed to make these projects a reality. Currently, the platform is enrolling service providers from Madison County and is officially set to launch on St. Patrick's Day.

New D.I.Y Videos From Professionals Across The Country

The new platform is also going to house a plethora of do-it-yourself videos to help homeowners learn how to do tasks that need to be done. They plan to work closely with professionals to help weekend enthusiasts care for their properties more efficiently and also plan to work with locals on energy-saving tips and tricks to help combat the rising utility costs.

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