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Anderson Man Charged With Murder Of His Own Mother

On September 26, 2022 Officer's with the Anderson police department were dispatched in reference to a stabbing that had occurred. Officers arrived and contacted the caller Jireh Hart Who was extremely emotional. She advised that her mother identified as Janet Hart who lives in the 1600 block of meridian St., had not answered her phone on the day of September 26 which she found to be extremely concerning.

After not being able to contact her mother she arrived at the residence and upon arrival noticed the door standing open. She entered the house and found her mother on the floor dead with multiple stab wounds in the back she then proceeded to call 911.

Officers are familiar with this being the address of the suspect Jiam hart. The sister states that the brother was currently living in the garage as the mother would not allow him to live inside the house for safety reasons.

According to the probable cause affidavit the police were already aware of the suspect living situation based on previous calls for service. After gathering information from the scene Anderson Police Department put out a bolo (be on the look out) for Jiam Hart and he was located in the 1300 block of Lincoln street in Anderson. Upon being taken into custody a KeyBank MasterCard belonging to the victim was found in the suspects possession.

Anderson Police Department was granted a search warrant by Judge David Happe. At the table where the victims body was found Detective’s located a petition filed by the mother requesting that Jiam Hart be committed into a group home. She documented that he is physically aggressive towards her and suffers from hallucinations, paranoia and delusions. The petition dated 9/13/2022 was signed by the victim and stated he(the suspect) is a danger to himself and others.

Hart after taken into custody was transported to the Anderson police department and interviewed by multiple detectives. During the interview the suspect stated that his mom kicked him out of the house and therefore he was homeless but evidence shows that he was living in the garage on her property but she would not allow him to live inside for safety reasons.

During the interview The suspect stated he did not go to his mothers house on Meridian Street. It was pointed out that his sister saw him at the house earlier that evening on 9–25 and then he stated he did not go into the house. He also stated that he feels if he does not live in the house then he does not qualify to be her son.

During the interview process police asked him if he had anything to do with the stabbing death of his mother. The suspect advised she is not my mom, he then wanted to know what happened and asked officers if they had any pictures.

He was then told his mother was dead and was asked by officers what happened, The suspect then replied, you just told me what happened. His only concern was that a police man pointed a gun at him with a school bus close and not the death of his mother.

Then suspect then proceeds to tell officers that they are wasting their time and that “you are a detective if you say you saw things and my sister saw things then you have solved it stated Hart. During the course of the interview, The prosecutor’s office applied for A warrant to obtain Jiam hart’s DNA and photographs. That warrant was granted and the DNA of the suspect along with the clothing and jewelry located on the suspect has been collected and taken into evidence.

This is an ongoing investigation and we will update the story with more information as it becomes publicly available

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