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Anderson Mounds Mall Back Up On Tax Sale Block After Failed Payment.

Back in 2020, we did a story on the high hopes of bringing back Anderson's mounds mall back to life. At the time of our 2020 story, the owners (Holliday LLC) stated they had funders from Florida ready to drop money into bringing the old mall back to life. As of January 2020 when we last spoke to the owners of the mall, they had stated that their funding partner has backed out of the deal and they were unsure of how the funding would work moving forward.

As of 8/14/2022, the mall now owes $828,943 in back due property taxes to Madison County. The owners of the mounds mall also own the building where PNC bank is located out front of the mall in the same parking lot. It is unclear if PNC has been paying Holliday LLC rent or not for the building, but it is clear that Holliday LLC, has made no real attempt to catch up on the back due taxes.

Over the last few years, Holliday has spent Thousands of dollars on cleaning the tall weeds around the lot and patching leaks in the roof all in hopes of bringing this empty space back to life, but unfortunately, it appears as if the project has hit a dead end.

There are a lot of legal challenges when it comes to the Mounds Mall as the land under the building is owned by Vergil Cook, the old owner of mounds mall and the movie theater. We have reached out to the new owners of the mall for comment, and no one has responded as of today.

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