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Anderson Police Chief Jake Brown Has Announced His Retirement After Serving 23 years On the Dept.

Chief Brown sent an email to all police employees thanking those with whom he had served. He stated, “I have appreciated the opportunity to serve the community in this important position of trust. It has been my honor to have the opportunity to serve as Assistant Chief of Police and later as your Chief of Police. I thank Mayor Broderick for that privilege.” He said, he “will be forever grateful for your hard work and comm9itment to each other and the citizens of Anderson.”

Chief Brown stated that “significant improvements over the last 6 years had been made which benefited the department as a whole and the public we serve.”

Mayor Thomas Broderick, Jr., praised Chief Brown for his accomplishments while the chief and for his service during his 23-year tenure. “Chief Brown has done an extraordinary job in working with our department during difficult times. I will miss his steady hand and thoughtful insight,” stated Mayor Broderick.

Mayor Broderick stated that the chief had earlier discussed retirement with the mayor but want to complete his priority goals first. Broderick stated that “with his leadership, and the assistance of his administrative staff, and with the cooperation of the men and women of the department his goals have been realized”. Broderick noted those accomplishments included:

  • • Ensure the department's equipment is among the best in the state.

  • • Providing of new and safe police vehicles for our officer’s use including annual purchases to replace

  • aging vehicles, including the recent purchase of 20 vehicles expected for delivery in 2022.

  • • Modified take-home policy to allow all police officers, residing in the county, to have a take-home

  • vehicle.

  • • Assigned an individual vehicle for officers, eliminating the old “pool car” program used in the past.

  • • Acquire and to deployment of new bodyworn body cams and in-car cameras that promote officer safety,

  • aid in the collection of evidence, while also instilling confidence in the public we serve.

  • • Issuance of new consistent professional uniforms for all patrol officers.

  • • New computers for all officers.

  • • Revise and update the department's General Orders.

  • • Secured Anderson Police Department to be a satellite training center and host of the Indiana Law

  • Enforcement Academy which allowed the department to continue to hire new officers during the

  • pandemic.

  • • Assisted the administration in the adoption and implementation of policies that have sought to keep our APD workforce safe. Adoption of a new 4-year contract which will serve to benefit both the FOP membership and the city

Mayor Broderick announced that he had selected current Assistant Chief of Police Michel Lee to serve as the new Chief of Police. Mayor Broderick stated he had requested approval of his appointment be placed on Monday’s agenda with the Anderson Board of Public Safety.

Pursuant to Indiana law, Assistant Chief Mike Lee will assume command of the department pending the approval of his appointment as the new chief.

In making the announcement Broderick stated, “Mike Lee has been with our department since 1994 and will bring to his new position substantial experience. He has served as a patrol officer, detective, swat team leader, and assistant chief over the uniform division two separate times during his career. Mike has also served as FOP president.” “Mike is well suited to assume this role and to continue our ongoing professional delivery of police service to our community.” “Mike is well respected and has been the recipient of several awards throughout his law enforcement career, including two combat crosses, the distinguished service award, and two meritorious service awards.” I look forward to serving with Chief Lee, stated Broderick.

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