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Anderson Police Need Everyone's Help In Locating A Missing Teen. (LOCATED)

(UPDATE) On 12/26/2021, the mother of Jayda Johnson received a tiktok message from Jayda advising she was ok and in Santa Monica, California. The local Police Department was contacted and were able to locate her. She was turned over to DCS and waiting for her mother's arrival.

Anderson, IN— On 12/09/2021, the Anderson Police responded to the 300 block of E.

36th Street in reference to a missing juvenile, Jayda Johnson (16). The mother, Kristen

Johnson, reported that her daughter had left during the night without permission. She also

expressed concerns for her daughter’s safety and well-being due to a previous

conversation involving some personal issues Jayda was having. For this reason,

the decision was made to initiate a ping of Jayda’s cell phone. The initial ping provided APD

with a location near St. Louis, Missouri. Additionally, law enforcement in Missouri were

contacted and given the locations of the pinged cell phone. The agencies in that area

checked two different locations, to which they were unable to locate Jayda.

All missing person(s) cases are assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division

(CID). There has been much follow-up, and CID has remained in continuous contact with

the family. CID will continue working with state and federal agencies to locate the

juvenile. Some of those agencies include the FBI, National Center for Missing &

Exploited Children, National Child Protection Task Force, and state Fusion Centers. The

case remains under investigation.

Should anyone have information pertaining to the whereabouts of Jayda Johnson, they

may contact Sgt. William Ray of the Anderson Police Department at 765.648.6663.

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