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APD Announced That All Officers Will Complete ICAT (de-escalation training)

Anderson, IN – APD as announced that all officers will complete ICAT (Integrating

Communications, Assessment, and Tactics) de-escalation training

According to the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), “ICAT is a training program

that provides first responding police officers with the tools, skills, and options they need

to successfully and safely defuse a range of critical incidents. This program integrates

critical thinking, communication and crisis intervention.

“Law enforcement has always been a difficult profession, but these past several years have

been especially taxing on all of us,” commented Chief Michael Lee. “The ICAT program

has recently been added to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy training curriculum. It

is designed to teach us how to create space, slow a situation down, ask opened ended

questions, and hold off on using force to avoid ramping up a confrontation. Our goal is to

create a new mindset and the tools to provide a safer and more humane response to those

experiencing mental health issues or emotional crises.”

The ICAT training curriculum comes at a time when police departments around the

country are re-examining their procedures and how they deal with people in crises.

Anderson PIO, Caleb McKnight, commented, “Every day, officers respond to conflicts

involving highly stressed individuals in elevated emotional or mental states. That’s why

improving communication and negotiation skills for every officer must be a priority. It is

a benefit to the community to know that APD is continuously evaluating our training and

looking for ways to improve.”

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