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Updated | People Still Living At Bingham Square Apartment | Covered 5/12/22 Fire

Updated 1/12/2022

Residents of the Bingham Square apartments, which were affected by a devastating fire six months ago, continue to reside in the complex without necessities such as heat and running water, according to statements made during the 1/12/2023 city council meeting. City official Jon Bell responded by offering to meet with community volunteers on Saturday to address the trash problem. However, property manager Larry Savage argued that the issues go beyond trash pickup and that the structures must be torn down due to mold and other hazards. In an emotional moment, he extended a helping hand to three tenants but emphasized that others still needed alternate housing. Footage and clips from the meeting, which had audio challenges, are available on our TicTok channel, which has been enhanced by Metromedia's Videostars plugin for Android, as well as on our website. We will be providing more detailed coverage of this story. Additional coverage from city and county council meetings can be found on our Facebook Videos, YouTube channel, and website.


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I have been forced to break my own guidelines here. This page has never been and never will be about shaping your perspective. As long as we are clear, I want to express my view and welcome you to share your own perspective in the comments section of any of our social media platforms.

We are currently developing a new landlord reporting system that will provide a new rental page for our community. I will take the time to ensure that the system functions correctly and that notifications are sent to the appropriate parties. All legal parameters and protections must be in place for all involved. The development of this system is an expensive but necessary function for the community. We are in need of sponsors to help us complete this project. The development is expected to take 100 hours of coding. I am willing to donate my time and resources to the betterment of our community, but until we receive sponsors to help out, the development will be done by me alone on slower nights and weekends until it's completed.


Original Story


The apartment complex had a major fire two days after an offer was made by MAS Capital for purchase. This is a developing story, and we will update this as we learn more. These photos were taken at the scene by William with the Madison County News Network.


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