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Blizzard like conditions possible tomorrow and power outages?

While Madison County has upgraded the travel advisory to "Watch", new information is coming in for possible Blizzard like conditions on Thursday, February 3, 2022. Between the hours of 10a and 1p the wind will change directions and come from the North/Northeast and have consistent speeds of 35 mph or higher for several hours. Visibility may be down to 1/4 of a mile. Travel will be difficult at best and these types of conditions are considered "blizzard-like", but fall just short of being actually called a Blizzard. This also means there will be blowing and drifting of snow on the roadways making it harder for road crews to keep the roads open.

There is currently a short break in the snow and it is expected to begin again in earnest around the 2a-4a time frame tomorrow. Don't be surprised if by morning the county declares a snow emergency and goes in "Red" status. Red status means a Travel Warning has been declared and only emergency travel is allowed. The snow totals for our area continue to be in the 8-10"+ category. This may actually end up being a record-breaking snow event.

Due to the icing that we received, along with the weight of the heavy snow, combined with high winds, it is highly possible that there will be power outages. NOW, is a good time to make sure you have a working flashlight, your cell phones are fully charged, and you have more than one means to get additional weather/emergency information. As I am writing this report my lights have already flickered several times in the last 15 minutes on the far north end of Anderson.

If you don't have to be out and about, please stay home and be safe. If you do have to be out in this weather, and some of us have to be, leave early, drive slow, let people know your route of travel, have a fully charged cell phone, make sure your fuel tank is full, and have your emergency kit with you. Remember to check on your elderly neighbors/family, bring your pets inside, and shovel snow in small amounts at a time to avoid exhaustion and possible heart problems. When the roads are this bad it takes a LONG time for emergency crews to get to you, so again PLEASE STAY SAFE!

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