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Callout to Social Media Influencers and Collaborations Program Is Taking Off

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

It is hard to believe that the 2nd quarter of 2022 is only a few short weeks off, but it is. At the beginning of 2022, the social media collaboration program that went into beta testing in September of 2021 launched officially and the company is staging several other markets for launch. The program is where influencers receive a referral commission for promoting Metromedia's large selection of products and services allowing smaller YouTube and TikTok channels the opportunity to monetize their content. It is one of the most unique and cutting-edge networking practices in the marketplace today.



Kicked into high gear - and it's just getting underway

The Metromedia platform works with virtually any channel, any size, and goes way beyond the business funding space. Jamie, a TikToker discovered that recently with working with the brand, had an unexpected deposit recently of $4,800.00 from one of her viewers clicking on a banner ad that ultimately resulted in a merchant getting funded, she had no idea she had business owners in her audience with her channel that focuses on baseball memorabilia. Others have experienced the same effect. The banners provided by Metromedia are defined by the channels posting them. Metromedia does not charge the channel any kind of enrollment fee and often after the channel gets involved they find their audience increases by an average of 10%. Many are finding that because the ad banners are direct, they do not have to hit the minimum requirements to monetize as prescribed by many platforms.

Do you have a YouTube Channel or TicTok channel you would like to make money from?

Many people do, and they discover that a simple shoutout can go a long way in the Metromedia brand. Owner Rick Moghadam of Metromedia mentions that getting started earlier over later is highly recommended as many platforms that have seen this in the past discover the ones that get in early always end up making more money than the ones that wait. What made this program unique is that it does not require the channel to pay for any startup costs, and there is no commitment to stay on board, the channel controls if and when they choose to market anything the company provides. As the platform grows, there will be limited spots as the unique program limits how many participants there can be in a geographical area.

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