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Child Solicitation Arrest "Stays Between Us" - Update on Trevor Lane

All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Images provided to us are snippets of the conversation to protect the identity and privacy of the victim.


Trevor Lane subject was a substitute custodian and Anderson Community Schools. This detective spoke to Anderson Community Schools Chief of Operations Kelly Durr, who advised Lane would no longer be employed With Anderson Community Schools. During the messages exchanged, Lane sent a picture of his penis to the 11year old victim. The child did not know Lane personally, but he had been pursuing her since April, according to the probable cause affidavit. It is alleged that he made multiple accounts to target the child. During the Kid's Talk Interview, the child mentioned that Lane was asking her to perform oral acts on Lane.

When the detectives interviewed him, he denied the allegations claiming he was hacked on Facebook, but the detectives shared with him identifying evidence that tied Lane to the messages, and Lane started talking. Lane later admitted that he sent all the messages, including the picture of him exposing himself. When asked, Lane stated he did send a message asking her if she would "Help Him C**". When asked if he sent the messages asking for the pictures from the 11-year-old victim, Lane stated "yes." When asked if he sent the messages asking if she would "f*** him" and "ride his ****," Lane also stated yes. The detectives got consent to search from both Lane and his mother to search the property and were able to locate a blanket that was in the inappropriate pictures and the cellular device the detectives believe the images were sent from. Lane was placed into handcuffs and transported to the Madison County Jail.

Lane's initial hearing will be on Thursday, 10/06/2022


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