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City Of Anderson Mayor & Anderson Police Display Lack Of Transparency To Local Community Media.


Starting back in mid November under the direction of the PIO, McKnight the Anderson Police Department had removed MCCN from its media list, the reason they stated they was doing so was because of a story we covered at Anderson High School where we uploaded a photo of the APD armored personal carrier driving down the street that day. Keeping in mind that in our story we never 1 time stated that the armored personal carrier had went to the high school, The Anderson Police repeatedly stated that the armored personal carrier had not moved that day and bacicaly tried to make us out to be liers for uploading what they called a fake photo.

We at MCCN placed a FOIA request for maintenance records for the armored personal carrier after McKnight stated it had been broke down for a month and not moved. In the FOIA request we learned the despite APD stating that it was never on the road that day at all, we learned via records request that the armored personal carrier WAS out on the road that day and it was just a simple mis understanding and was going to the shop for work and only passed near the school never stoping at the high school.

After learning what we had learned I have personally reached out to McKnight and Police Chief Michael Lee, requesting to re add us to the media list and it has fallen on deaf ears. The Anderson Police PIO is paid a yearly wage of just under $56,000 per year plus medical. We have also called on Mayor Thomas J. Broderick office 1 time every week for 2 months trying to get a meeting with him with no answers as of yet.

This is where we ask you as a community, do you feel the city is using our tax money in the best ways they can by hiding info from the community and delaying the community info in a timely manor? yes we can and DO still get the press releases but only by doing a FOIA Request and it delay's the info we are able to give you by about 2 days on average.

We here at MCCN are a network of independent journalist whom work on our free time to gather info for the community at no cost to the community, that being said the Anderson Police Department should not be showing favoritism between media outlets and if they dont want to have all the media on 1 media list we are here by publicly requesting APD do 1 of 2 things, 1 is ad us back to the media list or 2 start to make ANY AND ALL PRESS RELEASES PUBLIC ONLINE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE.

We would never request anyone to make any calls but if you feel that Anderson Police Department is doing the community wrong by delaying info to the only free media outlet here in madison county you are always more then welcome to call them and express your feelings to them (765)648-6700, keep in mind that APD is funded by the tax payers of anderson and should never delay the public of any info. They should treat ALL media the same regardless if they like what we do or not, We here at MCCN are here to serve the community as should they.

At this point and time Anderson Police Department is the ONLY department in the state of Indiana who does not have us on the media list and that needs to change, the community depends on our news page to provide news free of cost and in a timely manner. this all being said i want to give a huge thank you to Fox news for always helping us at MCCN out any time we have needed it.

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