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Court House Runner Caught Just Blocks Away From Courthouse After Leaving Young Kid Behind

A woman from Lafayette "later identified as April Sue Williams age 37" had a probation appointment at the Madison County Courthouse yesterday and for some unknown reason, brought her nephew (12 yrs old) and the nephew’s grandfather along. She went to her appt and took the nephew inside with her, and the grandfather stayed outside the Govt Center.

At one point the woman realized that her probation officer was going to have her transported to jail. April Williams then fled the courthouse, leaving the young boy alone in the Govt Center.

The woman fled in a vehicle, almost hitting a deputy who was pursuing her. She was later taken into custody as she had hidden in a parking lot just 2 blocks from the Govt Center.

The grandfather approached deputies as they were talking with the young boy. The grandfather demanded that the boy goes with him and the boy expressed discomfort. Deputies we able to contact the father in Lafayette and the father picked up the boy from DCS later in the evening.

Charges are also being requested on Williams for Criminal Recklessness due to her nearly striking a deputy with her vehicle as she drove away.

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