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Detailed Timeline Of Events That Resulted In Elwood Officer's Death

All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

At approximately 2:07 AM, Officer Noah Shahnavaz, an officer with the Elwood Police

Department conducted a traffic stop on a white Buick Lacrosse on State Road 37 (Southbound) near County Road 1000 North in Madison County, Indiana. As Officer Shahnavaz initiated the traffic stop, he contacted Madison County Emergency Communications regarding the traffic stop to inform them that the driver he pulled over had a gun. Officers from both Elwood Police Department and the Madison County Sheriff's Office responded. Officers located Officer Shahnavaz, still located in his

patrol vehicle, a fully marked Dodge Charger with emergency lighting still activated. Initial

responding officers observed Officer Shahnavaz suffering from multiple wounds consistent

with gunshot wounds. Damage to the vehicle was consistent with being caused by gunfire, as well

as what appeared to be rifle casings lying on the road. Life-saving measures were conducted on the scene by responding law enforcement officers. Officer Shahnavaz was transported by Emergency Medical Services personnel to Mercy Hospital in Elwood and then transported by helicopter to St.

Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, where he was pronounced deceased from his injuries.

Information regarding the white Buick Lacrosse and the license plate number was dispatched

to surrounding law enforcement agencies. At 2:25 AM, Jared Wilcox from the Hamilton County Shariff's Department was stationary in a church parking lot in that area of IN-37/186th Street (Hamilton County). Deputy Wilcox became aware of the officer-down situation through a county-wide dispatch made by the Hamilton County Emergency Communications Center. Dispatchers with the Hamilton County Emergency Communications Center advised units that a white Buick was wanted in connection with the shooting incident involving Officer Shahnavaz. At that time, Deputy Wilcox began traveling northbound on IN-37 in an attempt to locate the white Buick Lacrosse. While traveling northbound on IN-37, Deputy Wilcox observed a white Buick Lacrosse traveling southbound on IN-37 near 216th Street in Hamilton County. Deputy Jared Wilcox initiated a U-Turn to investigate the white Buick further. As Deputy Wilcox was behind the vehicle, which he estimated at traveling approximately 70 miles per hour in a posted 45-mile-per-hour speed zone, he observed the license plate to be consistent with the license plate of the white Buick Lacrosse that was involved in the shooting incident involving Officer Shahnavaz. At that time, DeputyWilcox contacted Hamilton County Communications. Additional units responded as they witnessed the white Buick break more traffic laws. Deputy Wilcox activated his front and rear-facing emergency lights on his fully marked patrol vehicle and attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the white Buick in the area of East Field Drive/IN-37. The driver of the white Buick failed to stop and continued traveling. Hamilton County units joined the chase and deployed stop sticks at 141st street and state road 37. The stop sticks deflated the left front tire, eventually making the vehicle disabled. The vehicle continued to evade law enforcement, entering I-69 southbound from IN-37. At that time, multiple units with the Fishers Police Department were also involved in the vehicle pursuit. After multiple Precision Immobilization Techniques (PIT) by officers with the Fishers Police Department, the vehicle became stationary in the left lanes of I-69 near the 203.9 mile marker. The driver, later identified as Carl Roy Webb Boards II DOB: 04/19/1980, was taken into custody without incident. During the arrest of Boards, a handgun was located on him. The Tauras 9 MM handgun was secured by the Fisher's Police Department A black rifle with a high-capacity magazine was observed on the driver seat of the vehicle. The firearm was observed, in plain view, from outside of the vehicle. The vehicle was secured for evidentiary purposes.

Picture from the Probable Cause Affidavit

Lt. Hearon advised Boards of his Miranda Rights and presented him an Advice of Rights Interrogation Form. Boards did not wish to provide a statement. ISP Detective Brad Tucker spoke with Carl Roy Webb Boards II mother and father on July 31, 2022. According to his family, Mr. Boards II did contact them through FaceTime while he was fleeing law enforcement. Detective Tucker also spoke with Mr. Boards II girlfriend, Edwina Nicole Steward, where we learned that Mr. Boards also spoke with her through FaceTime while he was fleeing law enforcement. Through investigation, detectives have learned that Mr. Carl Roy Webb Boards II owns a barber shop business in Marion. The police conducted a search. During the course of that search, a loaded high-capacity magazine was located in an area in the back of the barbershop. This area appeared to be a room that Carl Roy Webb Boards II used to sleep and store personal items. The magazine appeared to be loaded with live 9 mm bullets and is used to carry a large number of bullets in a handgun.

There were fliers and pamphlets located that appeared to be consistent with the Black Hebrew Israelite philosophy. A business card for a parole agent was also located during the search. The building was secured in the presence of the building owners. Carl Roy Webb Boards II was released from parole on August 16, 2021. ISP Detectives have conducted a criminal history search for Carl Roy Webb Boards II and have learned that he has a significant criminal history. According to the criminal history, Carl Roy Webb Boards II was convicted of battery with a deadly weapon in 1999 under cause number 27D02-9905-CF-00036. In 2001 he was convicted of possession of cocaine and possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon under cause number 34C01-0104-CF-0106. In 2006, Carl Roy Webb Boards II was convicted for carrying a handgun without a license, possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, felony resisting law enforcement, possession of a controlled substance, and criminal recklessness under cause number 49G06- 0612-FA-228815.

During the processing of Officer Noah Shahnavaz police car and the scene, 36 rifle bullet casings were located in the road. 36 rounds were accounted for by the damage observed by Crime Scene Investigator Sergeant Jeremy Franklin. The fired rifle rounds caused damage to the hood, windshield, and driver's door. Detectives have learned from EMS personnel who responded to the scene that Officer Noah Shahnavaz's handgun was still in his holster and was not removed until he arrived at Mercy Hospital. An autopsy was performed for Officer Noah Shahnavaz on August 1, 2022. Based on Forensic Pathologist Dr. Sozio's examination, Officer Noah Shahnavaz died from two perforating gunshot wounds to the head and several gunshot wounds to the body. Based on the severe trauma to Officer Noah Shahnavaz's body, it is unclear the number of times that he was shot. Dr. Sozio declared Officer Noah Shahnavaz's death to be a homicide.

Madison County Prosecutor's Office formally charged Carl Roy

Webb Boards II (DOB 04-19-1980) with the following criminal offenses:

Count I: Murder, a felony

Count II: Resisting Law Enforcement, a Level 6 felony

Count III: Resisting Law Enforcement, a Level 6 felony Count IV: Serious Violent Felon in Possession of a Firearm, a Level 4 felony

The Madison County Prosecutor's Office also filed a Habitual Offender Enhancement, alleging that Carl Roy Webb Boards II has accumulated at least two (2) prior unrelated felony convictions as well as the Felony Firearm Enhancement, alleging that Boards knowingly or intentionally used a firearm in an offense that resulted in death.

At this time, the Madison County Prosecutor's Office is seeking a sentence of life imprisonment without parole by alleging, pursuant to Indiana Code section 35-50-2-9(b)(6)(A), that the victim of the murder was a law enforcement officer and was acting in the course of his duty.

This investigation remains ongoing, and the Madison County Prosecutor's Office will make a

the determination as to whether to seek a death sentence at a later time.


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