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Domestic Battery and Confinement Arrest after Anderson Woman Ended Up At The Hospital

All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Smith, Donnie Jermaine is in the Madison County Jail as of last night without bond.

According to the Probable cause affidavit, Donnie had run from the scene on July 1st, 2022, when officers were dispatched to 2700 block Shawnee Drive in Anderson over a domestic dispute. The victim, Asia, was beaten up, according to the officers.

Asia stated to the officer that she and Donnie have been in a relationship for two years, and they have a one-year-old child in common. Asia advised that after the officer left from speaking with them about the separate issue, Donnie told his friends to leave the house and that it got "real physical" between the two of them. Asia stated that she and Donnie were arguing about Monique, a woman the couple was having an issue with, and the reason the Anderson Police Department was out at the same address half an hour earlier. That is when he allegedly punched her in the jaw with a closed fist. Asia stated she tried to fight him off then he threw her to the ground. When she was on the ground, he began to punch, slap, and bite her. Asia also advised that Donnie stuck his fingers in her mouth and began pulling on her cheek (The officer asked if it was like a fishhook, and she advised yes.) Asia advised that while this was going on, Donnie's cousin Pappy walked in, and Donnie told him to get out. Asia did not know any other information about Pappy and only knew him by that name. Asia advised that this all was taking place inside her bedroom and that Donnie had his whole body on hers, pinning her to the ground, preventing her from being able to move or leave. Asia advised that at one point, Donnie had his knees on her shoulders and was punching her in the head. Asia advised that Donnie made a comment, "he knew he was going back to prison so he didn't give a ****.” Asia stated she felt helpless and scared while Donnie had her confined in the bedroom. Asia believes this incident occurred for forty-five minutes. Asia stated that Donnie let her up because her mom called his phone and told him to run. Asia stated that Donnie has never put his hands on her before. The officer asked Asia if it ever got physical outside, and she stated that it did not.

Asia did have multiple complaints of pain.

Asia had dry blood around her mouth and on her front teeth.

Five broken acrylic nails, two on the right hand and three on the left.

Scratches and redness on her left shoulder,

Redness and a bite mark to her right shoulder.

Donnie was booked into the Madison County Jail for domestic battery and confinement, and it shows a violation of Probation and a violation of suspended sentence. He is being held without bond.


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