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Economic situation and weather woes make sleepless nights for many

Rick Moghadam

12/19/2022- The Metro Life


No one is talking about it, but we should: We hear from businesses from all industries, even ones that generally do not feel impacts from the economy, are seeing it. We see on social media people touting that gas prices are down, and as their statement is true, it should not be forgotten why that is. The price of heating our homes and businesses is up, along with groceries and everything else.

The actual numbers of inflation are felt when everything but an income increases for business owners. People are not traveling the way they usually do at this time of the year; they are not as festive as they once were. Retail stores do not seem to be selling as much as they did in the years past. The Madison County News Network posted on their Facebook, asking for feedback on how the community deals with the 2022 holiday season. Although many did not comment, the ones that did share the same view cut back because they were made to cut back. Several went into detail about why they were struggling, and the overall point is the dollar does not go as far as it did before. I think the retail numbers are going to be down as much as 30%. In Anderson, many say they have seen an overall jump in the costs of utilities, taxes, and core vital needs. According to the Madison County Government Accountability Facebook page, the issue at hand is how the money was spent in the first place; according to the page, the county has seen its fair share of corruption, but it goes deeper than that. The push for ordinances that land on the overburdened tax payors has not been overlooked by them but many are moving so fast to keep up with day-to-day life that they have not had a chance to stop and process their thoughts.

The staff at Metromedia Funding Solutions has been pushing overtime to create sustainability tools for the community because someone has to. We created tools to get these smaller businesses on larger platforms and found a way to make it a free tool for them to use. The problems we are seeing go further than the reaches of Anderson, Indiana. We cannot seem to work fast enough, but solutions must be available. The advice of having multiple ways of making money is being heard by many. Organizations like Turn Away No Longer are pushing hard to make sure that thousands of Madison County children have a Christmas. No matter where you are in your own finances, the pressure can be felt on all ends. We see new faces in the homeless community, and many of them do not know what to do next. The face of the homeless community has changed over the past few months. Several people mentioned that they had to choose too many times between eating or paying rent. "The holiday spirit is hard for many to feel right now..." Pastor Mike Weller had mentioned in his message during a dinner church service at Restoration Church as he reminded the congregation that when Joseph traveled with Mary on the five-day journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem with his pregnant virgin wife on a donkey, the stress of the unknown that Joseph felt can be compared to the same stress we feel today.

As we realize the mess we are in as a community, we should remember there are people, organizations, and groups coming together to ensure that the community's needs are being met. If you are experiencing a smaller Christmas than you did this time last year, use the opportunity to remember the reason for the season in the first place.

Going Home For the Holidays? You Should Keep an Eye on The Weather.

According to the National Weather Service in Indiana, Confidence is building for strong westerly winds Thursday night through Saturday ... ushering near-record cold temperatures into Indiana for the weekend. Gusts to 35-55 mph are possible, especially during the day Friday. The snow will begin across the Rockies and amplify as it approaches the Midwest, where the most significant impacts from the storm will be felt. Snow will begin for this region Thursday and last through much of the Christmas weekend. If you are going to be traveling, you need to check your flight information, and if you are going to be driving, you need to make sure to pay attention to your fluids and tires so you can make it safely.


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