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Fire- News - Happening Now

Fire- 421 E 37th St Fire department on Scene

Firefighters are fighting the fire now.




SALE ENDS 1/28/2022


Bitter Cold Continues tonight but is expected to warm back into the 30's tomorrow.


(sponsored ad gifted by The Madison County Community News Network)

Turn Away No Longer is Collecting Winter Gear for the 2022 Blue Bridge Project


Please bring your pets indoors, many calls over animals outside flood public service dispatch.




This is a Community Thank You Letter

Who is Metromedia Funding Solutions and What do they do?

Metromedia Funding Solutions is an Independent Sales Organization with established relationships with direct funders in the funding industry. We have a network of funders with a combined, over three hundred funding options, that are geared to help credit-challenged applicants gain access to funding. We also happen to build websites, apps, and other software-related products. Every agent has one objective, to help their clients find the solution. We never charge a fee for the service, our vendors pay us so you don't have to,

We chose Anderson Indiana to start developing other products and services to help small businesses reach their goals. We elected to fund the media outlets because we believe the service they provide for the communities they serve when they are focused on their community and have no political agenda, is a priceless commodity to any community. We wanted to say THANK YOU to the community for hanging in here with us as we make our best attempt to provide value to the way news is delivered to the folks of Madison County, Indiana. Feel free to click HERE to follow us on Facebook

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