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Flexx Fund has Properties Ready To Go For First Time Investors, and house flippers


Flexx Fund, the retail consumer financing side of Metromedia Funding Solutions, lands a large deal with several investors to buy their inventory and is opening a new program that allows people that want to invest in real estate but cannot qualify for traditional funding or mortgages to have the opportunity to use the new innovative financing option to obtain cash flow ready properties in an acquisition setting. In a late-night board meeting between funders and sellers, the greater Indianapolis market has been selected for the test pilot program with a lot of people watching the beta-test run, and if it proves to work well, the platform will expand to be included in The Funded Project Real Estate Funding Progam and will be the first of its kind seen anywhere in the country, The program can put new investors into properties for as little as 10% down on an owner carry finance program that allows the Metromedia Business Development Teams to come in and help new investors get Cashflow Positive and revenue-producing in a fraction of the time it would normally take putting sellers and buyers in winning positions, Flexxfund has agreed to allow 1,000 serious people that want to get into real estate investment to get on the list to be notified when properties become available, The program if successful in this beta test will replace the secured acquisition program that originally started in 2011 and has not allowed new members since that time, but with the retirement of the original investors, all of which made millions, this program will open up to new interested parties. Below this article will be a contact form, if you can see that form, that means there is space available. Once these seats fill up (and you don't have to buy that slot either), the contact form will disappear, and the property distribution will start.

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