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Frantic 911 Call Leads To an Arrest- Officer Bit by The Dog.

All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

On Sunday at 11 am, Deputy John Kollros was dispatched to call in Summerlake Addition, in which 911 dispatchers heard screaming but no one speaking. Kollros arrived and attempted to get someone to come to the door. He heard a female screaming, “no, don’t do it.” After finding the door locked, Kollros kicked the door open due to Kollros’ experience with a previous violent call at the home, and he observed a male suspect running away from the female victim who was on the floor. Kollros yelled to the suspect to come to him, which the suspect did, and as Kollros was handcuffing the suspect, one of 3 dogs, a pit bull mix, lunged and bit Kollros on his arm. Kollros fought off the dog, and as the victim was assisting in getting the dog under control, the suspect fled into another room. Kollros re-engaged the suspect and placed him under arrest. The victim had visible injuries from the suspect, and she stated that the suspect had knives earlier but must have hidden them. Kollros located a butcher knife and a smaller knife wrapped in towels in the bedroom where the suspect had fled. Ingalls PD arrived and assisted Kollros at the scene.

The suspect, Robert D. Barger, 38, of Pendleton, is being charged with Criminal Confinement with a Deadly Weapon L5 Felony, Domestic Battery, Resisting Law Enforcement, and Interfering with Reporting a Crime,

all 3 class A misdemeanors.


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