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FREE SPECIAL OFFER for Business Owners- Claim Now - Expires 2/3/2023

No purchase is necessary; open to existing businesses in the United States only.

Get a FREE social media commercial made for you and your business no requirement to purchase anything, no need to apply for funding, and it is open to any business whether they have funded with us in the past or not. This is a TRUE free offer, but it expires at the close of business on 2/3/2023.

WATCH THIS- EXAMPLE- Many name brands! This video has many examples stitched into one video.


Step One- Follow The Funded Project or Metromedia Funding Solutions on ONE of these social media platforms: (follow one or more, please) (if you are already following, then you have completed this step.)

Metromedia Funding Solutions Facebook Page


Join the Facebook Group for The Funded Project


Follow The Funded Project on YouTube:


Follow The Funded Project and Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC on its shared TicTok Channel:

Step Two,

No matter which platform you go into, they all have comments enabled. Please pick any post and comment with the word "VIDEO"

Step Three:

Use this contact form so we know where to send your MP4 download video directly. Keep an eye on your email from We will send you a confirmation email letting you know that we have received your submission. This is where you can share any information like your logo, special message, or anything!

The only thing we are asking is when we deliver your video, please share it on your social media, and tag us!

(more info below the form)


Why are we doing this?

Metromedia Branded Companies has developed brand-new software that utilizes artificial intelligence to produce marketing videos. The new software is called Videostars A.I., and we own it. We built the program from the ground up, and our library of video clips we use to make the videos has over 750,000 clips we own. The software is a program inside our forthcoming news platform set to hit the whole country this spring; this is our way of testing it in a real-life setting. This is the final beta test for the platform. We plan to give away up to 1,000 videos this week! The retail price of $99.00 a video or memberships to the platform are not available to the public yet. Once they become available, we will send you an email indentation. If you don't respond, we will not bother you. We are confident that you will love it, all 250 participants from our first beta test LOVED them, and are currently using them to promote their businesses.

(Check Out Other Services Below This Line.) **


Watch This Video!


Create Your First A.I. Powered Video Using Videostars in Synthesia - Click the Image - Try Now


Videostars A.I. App Extention for Canva Will Be Developed, But You Can Import Anything Videostars into Canva Now! Try Canva for Free, and You Will Love It.


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