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Groundbreaking Investment Made In an Indiana Business

Ground Breaking Technology Heading to Anderson, Indiana

Branding and making novelty merchandise is a multi-million dollar industry. Many businesses that start off use technology like Cricut machines and sublimation printers, all of which Handmade Treasures has but to be competitive on pricing and production the direct-to-film technology is desired by businesses like Handmade Treasures. Direct to film printing is better than screen printing because of the high definition quality of prints and they can go on anything that can take a heat transfer. Metromedia Funding Solutions elected to invest because the quality of branding it will allow for its clients and in-house brands will benefit from the new technology upgrade. The new press will be installed and in full operation by mid-June or sooner. The website for handmade treasures will update within the next couple of weeks and it is believed with the custom t-shirt builder option that has been offered since the beginning of the year will allow the company to slash prices and become very competitive with large scale printing operations, and will allow for all print work to be done locally without any outsourcing.

Metromedia Funding Solutions Launches "We Stand With the U.S.A." Campaign with big funds

Metromedia Funding Solutions is currently accepting applications from existing businesses for investment purposes. The company is investing heavily in businesses that are owned, operated, and serve the United States. The company's vision is to produce substantial opportunities for the small business sector by creating jobs locally. So far in 2022, the funding company has lined a multitude of businesses with millions in funding, C.E.O. Moghadam stated that the company is working closely with several funding houses across the country to deploy another $20,000,000.00 before the end of 2022. Moghadam mentions that there are a lot of investors that are setting up funding for companies that are outside of the United States and that he wishes to set an example that the United States is the best place to invest. The company has a hyper-focus on small and medium-sized businesses in the midwest. He believes it is the perfect place for developing businesses because the cost of living and tax structure is favorable for businesses to grow. The business branding mega-hub is known for its web development services and app development services. The metromedia brand has also been known for its innovative real-estate investing strategies and news organizations it has across the country.

Call Out To U.S. Based Businesses Has Been Made...

Several underwriters at Metromedia Funding Solutions mentioned they are interested in restaurants, retail, home improvement, and logistics companies. They use a "storybook underwriting model" that is based on the business potential, not the owner's credit score. Many mentioned they can recall a plethora of cases that were declined by banks and the SBA that was funded through Metromedia Funding Solutions.

If you own an existing business based in the United States and want to grow your business, Metromedia Funding Solutions would like to hear from you. There are several ways to make contact:

Apply online- We have included a button to take you to the online application below:

Pick up the phone and call:


Send your pitch by Email:


Meet the business that received the investment!

Learn more about Handmade Treasures

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