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Guerilla Marketing Concepts that worked in March of 2022- TOP 5

These Companies Made Everyone's Heads Turn - Here is What They Did:

You won't believe what they did, and it worked.

Indianapolis Candy store owner Mark Branch wanted to get the attention of the patrons at a bus stop at his east side candy store, how do you make them hungry? They sit at the bus stop and some come in, but he wanted them all. Rick saw the park bench as an opportunity and this image is what they did.

This image was used in a recent marketing campaign by a company that sells blinds, the concept was targeted at homeowners that have very little space between them and the house next door. The image displayed is the prototype. Not only did the Metromedia marketing plan work, but it also caused the company to start selling no peeping tom t-shirts at an event on the side, revenue increased by 37%

A local handyman service has a delivery service for furniture, construction materials, and hauling that targets local patrons to deliver large items and has a clever marketing banner to make people remember them for branding. The banner helped the new business get traffic and several commercial contracts are in the works from the comical banner because of it.

A local towing company uses a comical image to go viral in a click banner ad. The ad banner was used in a marketing campaign with a local news station and was shared across social media and caused the phone to start ringing, the newer business expects an increase in revenue from it.

Uranus Fudge Factory - a new business in the area that uses puns to market is the winner of the top 5 for the wild marketing concepts for their store.

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