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Halloween Shooting At The Blue Bridge Results In Arrest *

All Subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Steen, Vatravion Adonnis was arrested for criminal recklessness for shooting a firearm into an inhabited structure. He was released by court order but still remains in the Madison County Jail facing violation of probation charges. According to the probable cause affidavit obtained by the Madison County News Network,

*THIS STORY HAS EDITS- The original published version was not the one that should have been published, we apologize publically for that.

This is the probable cause affidavit

Narrative: While working in the investigative division on 10/31/2022 i took a report of a shots fired at the Blue Bridge located at the dead end of E 9th St. and the E. 8th St. Bridge. An Officer had sent me a message about a video of someone shooting a rife on the Blue Bridge over the weekend. The video was posted on a Facebook story. I then viewed the information that was sent to me.

Information Sent to Me: I was sent a screenshot of a Facebook post by a profile under the name "*************." The status said, "How you gonna have ur profile a pic of ur newborn son but then post videos of you shootin towards the police station? Lmao priorities!" in the comments ****** posted a screen recording she took from the Facebook profile, "G........da Bo." In the Facebook story video, you can see a man in a Pennywise clown costume shooting a rifle off the west side of the Blue Bridge. There are two unknown individuals in costumes behind him in the footage. You can clearly see the fire at the tip of the gun at least three times in the video. He points the rifle straight from the bridge in the direction of downtown, which is a heavily populated area when he fires it. Additionally, ****** posted a screenshot of a Facebook post from profile, "Vatravion Steen" that says, "Happy Halloween" with several photos of the person in the Pennywise costume, and the others seen in the video. In one of the photos the suspect's mask is off. From a recent mugshot from 09/20/2022, less than a month ago you can clearly see it is Vatravion Steen DOB: 05/25/2005. The photos were posted on a profile matching his name.

Vatravion also commented on the status ******* made on his profile with his name, "Vatravion Steen." The Facebook user ID for this account is "***********." Several people commented on it in anger due to him shooting the rifle in a reckless manner. He got in several Facebook arguments on the status with different people including *********. He mentions shooting the gun and running after he shot it in a reply to ********* He also posted on the thread that the picture of his son has nothing to do with me shooting my gun at nothing but trees and water." He mentions knowing it is illegal and that he did not care or give a flying****. There were multiple statements made from his Facebook where he admitting to shooting the rifle.

Editors note

This was copied and from the Probable cause affidavit but we will keep witness names off of it.

by Vatravion on her G***8B**** profile. You can see she has the same red hair and tattoo on her upper left arm. Vatravion had changed his profile to a picture of him when I had collected a photo of his profile. On the date of the post it was a picture of his son who is a baby. I also found footage of the incident on the City's camera.

Footage from Blue Bridge East: On 10/28/2022 at approximately 22:26 you see all four of the individuals from the Facebook story walk up from the east side of the bridge on to the bridge. The two unknown individuals walk up first together. A few seconds later you can clearly see Reina in the outfit posted on Facebook that night, and Vatravion in the Pennywise costume walk up behind them. They are there for several minutes taking photos, as you can see a camera flash several

ot see due to the angle of the camera and the bridge beams him actually shooting On the Facebook story video, you can see them all start to run east at the end of it. At the 22:37 mark, they all take off running back to the east like in the other video. Right before this was when he would have shot the rifle.

Follow Up: Detective Webb and I went out to the scene to see if we could locate any casings. We did locate one .223 casing in the same area that he is seen on the footage shooting. This matched the round that would have been used in that rifle. Photos and the casing were collected by Detective Webb.

Action Taken: I requested a search warrant for Vatravion Steen's Facebook and also L****'s Facebook profile G****B******* I contacted Vatravion by phone and he stated he would come in give me a statement. I made an appointment with him to come in at 14:00 on 11/01/2022.

Information: Vatravion did not show up for his appointment to speak with me. I did however record a brief conversation when I set the interview up over the phone.

Summary Phone Interview with Vatravion Steen: He said he really didn't have too much to say. He said he posted a video. He said he posted a video and a lot of people said they were going to go to the police station about it. He said they apparently did because I was calling him about it. I asked if he was admitting it was him in the video. Vatravion said he didn't say that, he said he posted the video. Then I asked if it was his profile because there were photos of him on the profile. He said he's got a couple but yeah. I said I was referring to the one where people were getting outraged at it, I asked if that's the one he used. He said yeah. I asked about him commenting on Miranda's status and saying he didn't care and that he did it. He said he meant he didn't care about them being mad at him. I asked why would he say that if he wasn't the one shooting the gun. Vatravion stated it was because he had many people on there he was arguing with him about something he didn't care about. I told him that I wanted to hear his side of the story. He then said he really didn't have a side of the story. He then said to get a subpoena or warrant to come get him and talk to him about it. I then said so you don't want to give me a statement. He advised that he did, and we set up a time

*editor note- names strike - Editor strikes the names in the original release of the story. The Madison County News Network received a probable cause affidavit, and the names are in the affidavit. The Madison County Community News Network will often ask for these, and when there is sensitive information, the information is darkened out; that was not the case here, but for the sake of witnesses, we elected to remove that information.

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