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Here Is Why Your Business Should Have A TikTok Account

No Dancing Required

You have probably heard of it from your teenage children, but this popular phone app known for its short videos and dance moves has made its move into the business world. The wildly addictive app has folks of all ages tuning in. We spoke with Greg, a jewelry wholesaler at the Metroplex that shared that he was struggling getting views on YouTube and Facebook but his 14-year old daughter shared a video with him, it was a TikTok creator that happened to have over a million views wearing one of his pieces in the video. Greg started reading the comments and found several talking about the "beautiful necklace" that TikTok user "Jami Sunshine" was wearing in the video as she danced with her ring light. Greg was intimidated because he did not want to dance in front of his phone, and no one could blame the 46-year old man for not wanting to do so. He contacted a developer at Videostars to find help and discovered that no one has to start dancing, he could simply start showing off his merchandise with a link. He started a TikTok account but was confused when he did not get many views, he called Videostars back and they were able to help him.

But How Do I Get Views

Greg started working with Videostars to develop a video that was attractive enough to stop viewers from scrolling by, and to get on the "FYP" or otherwise known "for you page" on TikTok, They got Greg and his business over 1,000 new followers in less than a week. The Videostars brand shares that the trick is in the keywords and working with other content creators. Rick and his wife tested this theory over the holiday season and started a channel to understand the algorithm on December 1st, 2021, and focused the channel on the "Elf on the shelf" antics. The channel has over 1,300 followers that religiously follow a stuffed animal, the reason why he did it was to understand the platform. The creators at Videostars now have a multitude of channels with each one having a different audience but the knowledge combined with the Videostars brand exclusive filters has proven to be a solid combination to bring in viewers to virtually any existing business,

Three Tips You Should Know

  1. Use your hashtags, the platform groups hashtags as Instagram does, but you are limited on how many you can use at one time. Your company should be a hashtag if possible.

  2. Use popular music because viewers will search by music

  3. Use filters, the platform is all about outward appearances.

For more information on how your business can use TikTok we recommend contacting Videostars by clicking here

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