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How to juggle business with teenagers and run your business.

How to juggle business with teenagers? Many factors make juggling the demands of running a business, as well as parenting teenagers, difficult. Here are a few suggestions to help ensure balance, especially if you have teenagers. Strive to optimize your time. Create a schedule and stick to it. Make it consistent for the entire family. Take care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, take breaks and understand your limits. Create a family expectation list and discuss it with your children. Agree on what they are and are not allowed to do. When I am the busiest, my teenagers will ask for permission to do something because they know that my focus is on my task at the moment. They will try to sneak in things without me knowing about it, then say something like, "I talked to you about it when I came into your office". That is not acceptable behavior. If your teen is doing that to you, learn to say no automatically; they realize that they have a better chance of getting permission when discussing things when you are not at your office and focused. Breaking this habit will be challenging. I was guilty of doing the "yeah, go for it " thing while being at my computer. Many business owners, myself included, end up hyper-focused, dealing with keeping the business and family life working in unison. Try to explain to your teen why your focus is needed on the task at hand. They may respect that more than just snapping at them. There is no real " solution." on how to balance this. No business or teenager is the same.

Written by Richard Moghadam


Published 4/24/2020

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