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If you are a follower or reader of this page, please read:

4/16/2022- Click Image to expand.

We did this in 7 months?

In the past 7 months, we have doubled our reach, and are growing at a very rapid pace. It has been a wild ride for us. We did not expect the feedback that we have been getting, but all we can do is say THANK YOU. We love every fan we have and appreciate you being here. My goal was, and still is:

  1. Keep it free for the community to get local news

  2. Keep it politics-free- we tell you who is running and when to vote, nothing more. We do not allow political advertising on our website.

  3. Keep ad-space local- We did this because we want to allow locally owned and operated businesses to have an affordable place to let the community know what they offer.

There are some shout-outs in order:

The First one- is the readers, followers, and fans. When I came into partnership with this page 7 months ago, you all stuck around and we have almost doubled our reach in followers and fans. Many did not know what to think of the new format and it is an ever-evolving thing.

The Second one- Is the backing from Metromedia Funding Solutions, this is my company and we are web developers, and brand developers. Metromedia Funding Solutions also has an extensive network across the country to help existing businesses find funding, even when the banks reject them. I work with some of the most talented people in the country. We covered the cost and maintenance of the website 100%. We did that because we believe in Anderson, and wanted to make a platform that was obtainable for everyone to access the news without paying a subscription fee, and allow local businesses a platform they can afford to advertise on that is effective. Our initial idea of the YouTube channel "The Funded Project" was not enough.

The Third one- is the people working with me. William J. - He is the gentleman that works in the background getting those epic photos and videos and has also become a close friend. He is also the other owner of the page. Bryan F. is the gentleman that keeps us up to date on bad weather. I also registered to become a spotter, but Bryan has 20 years of experience and is more talented on that than I am.

And Lastly, but defiantly not last...

We need to thank the businesses that advertise with us, they are key to our success and we appreciate every last one of them. Every time you read a story or watch a video on this website, you see them. They are the banner ads that show up in the middle of the story you are reading, or the linked business to the video you are watching.

Onward and Upward - Here are a few things we have in store

NEW- Business listings page- Click here to see it

Something for the local businesses:

We want to keep the momentum going. We launched a business listings page, it is normally $25.00 for a 12-month listing, but we are doing something special for the rest of this month, we are going to offer that space to every business in Anderson and Madison County for only one dollar for 12-months with no commitment to advertise again, or buy any other ad space. But, hurry, the sale ends at the end of the month!

There are other ad spaces besides this, like the ones you see in the news stories, learn more HERE

Something for the followers and fans:

This spring and all summer long, follow us on Facebook or the website for free give-aways. We are going to be doing some contests for free gas cards, and cash, and also are working on finding a place to do a city-wide festival where we can bring the community together with the local businesses. We are sorting it all out now, but we want to make it rememberable, We are also going to continue the ongoing investment for the site to continuously improve it and bring you the local news faster. We are open to suggestions.

Something for the future

We did a test beta on a video-sharing platform that would be like YouTube and TikTok mashing up, and are in the final stages of its' development. This is the largest project I have done in my career. The backing from it came out of Metromedia Funding Solutions as well, and its goal is to be a platform where people can express their opinion without fear of being banned. There is a balance to not allow content creators to be abused, but also to preserve our freedom of expression. The rules we will be strict on is we will not allow content that is promiscuous, or "sexual.". This will be a free-use platform and will allow users to have followers, their own profiles, and will have a "gifting" platform where viewers can toss donations to their favorite content creators. YouTube, TikTok, Rumble, and others have it, but take 20-50% of their money for hosting, we figured it out using a stand-alone server cloud to cut that down to 10% and still be profitable with it.

It launches on July 4th, 2022. You can sign up for email notifications by clicking HERE

They also have a Facebook Page - Click HERE to visit it

Paying it forward

We are open to suggestions on ways we can help local organizations as we continue to grow. I have personally backed several local organizations anonymously but we want to do something that makes Anderson a better place for all of us. We need local advertisers to keep this momentum going, and we need people to continue to invite other friends to follow us on Facebook and TikTok.

Do you want to help?

The costs to keep this page going is not a cheap venture. Cameras, Computers, Cars, and Gas cost money. How we fund that is by selling our T-shirts and by our paid ad spots that are in the news stories. You can show your support for our efforts by buying a T-shirt. visiting a sponsor or "buy us a coffee" feature we made available here.

Thank You

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