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If you are a grocery store or a food establishment in Indiana- load up your inventory now!

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Prepare for double the traffic

The Indianapolis 500 is next weekend and we have seen an increase in traffic already across central Indiana as teams, sponsors, and fans pile into the circle city. Indianapolis is the centerpiece of the upcoming holiday weekend where events like the Indianapolis 500, concerts at Ruoff, and various parades and BBQs going on everywhere. We are asking all retailers to prepare, we estimate that some retailers across Marion County, Hamilton County, Hendricks County, and Boone County could see a whole month's worth of revenue in one single weekend.

Get Funded This Week, Double It Next Week, and Do it again

You know your customers better than Metromedia does, but we know they plan to spend money over the holiday. Get something you can make a 100% markup on while putting it on sale, that is what you should load up on, and sell it all. Be prepared to do the same at Graduation, Father's day, and the Fourth of July. This is when a 100-day advance makes perfect sense, and this is where you turn every single dollar into five.

One week away from the 100 days of summer.

This is just the beginning of the fairs and festivals. We expect 2022 to be a record-breaking season as many were stuck inside during the summer of 2020 and 2021. We suspect many travelers that would normally leave the state for vacation are finding themselves doing one-tank trips to places like Shipshewana and Holiday World. If there was any week in the state of Indiana that your business should consider funding, this is that week.

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