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Incumbent serves as Operator of Main Plant, including Aeration Systems, Secondary Clarifiers and Primary Treatment Tanks for Anderson Water Pollution Control; performs various operational functions in the treatment of wastewater.


Operates all equipment and processes in the Secondary Treatment Section, including primary and aeration systems, final settling tanks, return pumps, waste pumps and valves, sludge pumps, effluent supply pumps, blowers for aeration systems and all other main plant appurtenances.

Inspects the plant operations on a regular basis for correct mechanical operation of pumps, drags air compressors, flow meters, analyzers, recorders, etc. Checks for sludge bulking or wash out, plugged and dirty weirs, unusual color and smell of process waters, abnormal sounds.

Starts, stops and adjusts speed of return sludge and waste pumps.

Adjusts secondary plant waste of old plant sludge; adjusts flows, valves and volumes of sludge pumping as directed by Foreman or Supervisor.

Stops and starts motor driven air blowers; adjusts air flow to activate sludge biological process; maintains dissolved oxygen readings within the range as set by Foreman or Supervisor of Operations.

Collects samples from wastewater treatment process in accordance with established sampling schedule. Deposits mixed and poured samples in properly labeled containers for pickup and delivery to laboratory.

Inspects plant every two hours and records on operational log sheets or log books as appropriate.

Logs any operational changes or problems the operation might encounter. Maintains communication with other operators concerning process changes and other facility operational information.

Appropriately contacts superiors if for any reason the treatment process efficiency is compromised.

Performs standard operational tasks on plant equipment, such as oiling or greasing machinery, which must be lubricated daily or more often. Tightens leaky pump packings, cleans out plugged sample lines and water lines.

Performs any or all operational tasks which do not require special tools or skills; requests assistance when necessary.

Removes snow, ice and other debris from steps and walk areas.

Cleans any process spills, leaks in piping or equipment. Cleans equipment piping and washes floors within assigned operational area. Cleans tank walls and weirs on a regular basis.

Performs special operational tasks as instructed.

Assists Tertiary Operator as needed for chlorination and dechlorination operation.

Performs related duties as required.


High School Diploma or equivalent.

Ability to read, write and perform simple calculation.

Ability and willingness to follow orders.

Ability to physically perform essential duties of position.


Performs various operational functions in the main plant (secondary) treatment section. Majority of work is performed according to standard departmental procedures with work reviewed for quality and compliance with directives.


Moderate physical effort is exerted in the set up and operation of equipment, including bending, stooping, climbing ladders, walk on catwalks, lifting moderately heavy objects, movement of extremities necessary to handle equipment controls.


Incumbent performs majority of duties in a wastewater treatment plant facility, and is exposed to poisonous and explosive gases and other hazards associated with handling and treatment of wastewater.

Status Open

Category City of Anderson Employment Opportunities

Salary$24.85/hour + Shift Premium $.55/hour

PublishedFeb 23, 2023, 08:00 AM

ClosingApr 28, 2023, 11:59 PM


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