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Keeping The Holiday Spirit Alive In Tough Times. BLACK FRIDAY COUPONS

This week is all about saving you time and money. We are working with the following parties to bring you these holiday deals!

Coupon Rollout Schedule

Monday- From Metromedia FMB site (this), Tuesday, The Funded Project Wednesday- Madison County Community News Network Thursday - The Metroplex Marketplace

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Thanksgiving is Thursday and for many families, what is supposed to be the best time of the year turns into the most stressful time of the year. Christmas of 2021 has its own set of challenges, and they are not the same ones we had in 2020. This year, the statistics show inflation is up over 6%, the highest in thirty years, but the prices in the stores tell a darker story. Many retailers faced paying two to seven times for wholesale merchandise, with having to pass the hike down. This is a direct result of our shipping and logistics system, not just in the United States, but across the world. The hiccup from production caused the hiccup in shipping, and the results are displayed in the stores.

Pace Yourself and Pocketbook

If affordability is the issue on holiday spending, start a cash saving. For instance, if you are paid weekly, get in the habit of putting $20 in a jar each week. You probably have tried that, but something comes up, there is a way to do it. Ask your bank about setting up a holiday savings program. Have them take a pre-set amount off each deposit and place it in that account, if your bank does not offer that, then set it up with something that does. If the cash does not show to your deposit, you are not going to miss it. At five dollars a week, you would have $260 in a year. At twenty dollars a week, you would be hitting black Friday deals with a grand in your hand. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Bake some cookies for those that you only see at the Holidays

We all have that relative or friend that we only see at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Buying gift cards, getting photos and everything is costly enough. A few Rubbermaid containers, along with some good ole red ribbon with a dozen cookies will probably mean more because you took the time to bake them.

Remember the reason for the season

There are many reasons to celebrate the season. But remember what they are to you. Find peace with yourself and others.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Let the Holiday Shopping Begin!

Enjoy These Deals

Le Mani Macavon Beauty

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Little kids love this store, my great-niece and nephews have a lot of stuff from here, they have always been good to us! CHECK THEM OUT

We know several people that have these. FAST electric skateboard- you just need to see this for yourself VISIT NOW

I have two daughters and have funded this place often! Based out of Birmingham A.L. This is like an Ulta but not as expensive but better. Visit The Store

If you are a sports fan, stop what you are doing and go check this place out! You will be blown away by all of the signed merch he has! Visit Now

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