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Lawyer and Firefighter Team Up To Start a New Business in Anderson

They Brought An Abandoned Business Back To Life

Anderson lawyer Chris Gilley and Volunteer Firefighter Austin Russell had an idea to bring a dependable wrecker service to Anderson Indiana, The old A.W.S. lot at 305 West 1st street was full of rubbish, and parts of vehicles when they took possession. After a strenuous month of removing almost 400 vehicles and over 20 tons of scrap metal, trash, and brush, the once decrepit property was now able to be opened for business. The transformation was one of the largest cleanups in Madison County. and was one of the worst eyesores in the city. Austin Russell will see over the day-to-day operations with the assistance of Chris Gilley when he is not at the Lafayette Township Fire Department. Austin also plans to hire only locally.

There is nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road when your car quits. Finding a tow truck, and finding someone who is not going to take advantage of the situation has been a long time complaint of many, With many Madison County families finding themselves keeping vehicles on the road longer than in the past, and the climate changes, there is no secret that the services they are offering are needed by many. With the prices of new cars aside from the availability, it's often cheaper to fix your current ride.

Online Booking Tools and Faster Service

The company has an online booking tool for services like towing, auto repair, and roadside assistance. All are available for use to the public and unlike many competitors, the platform does not require a membership.

As I am writing this, I can recall about a year ago, when my Dodge stopped on me. I called several wreckers on Google and, was told I would be waiting for an hour or more, and I would be shelling out $150.00 to have it towed to the shop. This was my personal experience, granted I could have called a roadside assistance company, enrolled, and used their service, but I would have a monthly service fee coming out of my bank account, I passed on that opportunity and paid the $150.00 and had it towed to the dealer where I cheerfully spent another $800.00 at the dealership (we can save that story for another time). When I found out that RnG tows locally for $50.00 I immediately knew this city needs them. In addition to the towing services, RnG is also offering auto repair services. The shop is capable of repairs from minor brake jobs to extensive repairs such as timing belts, and water pumps. They offer free inspections and are welcoming new clients now.

Rick's Experience

I personally have used them for repairs and I saved substantially. For instance, my Ford F-150 started having an issue with the water pump and the estimate was over $500.00 lower than everyone else, and the best part was they had it in and out of the shop in only one day. I also have sent my other vehicles in for repairs and seen similar results. You can also book the repair services online from your smartphone. With everything else going up in price it is nice to know that there is a place to get your vehicle serviced that is still affordable.

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