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Lazy People Hurt The Economy And You Are Paying Them To Do It

Across central Indiana, you can find how hiring signs popping up. Job Availability is at its all-time high, not because we are doing "great" as a country, but because we are returning to a new normal. The post-pandemic job market is ideal for job seekers everywhere. But there are no job seekers. Employers large and small all share one common complaint, it feels like nobody wants to go to work anymore. Political critics claim it is because the pay at these jobs may not be desirable but, still something is better than nothing, right? A private study conducted reveals that the problem is deeper than that, they are getting paid more to stay unemployed than to return to work. It is time to wake up America, we cannot keep paying people to sit around while we carry them! Where is that money they are collecting coming from? YOU the reader of this article, and it is time we stop the madness. It should not be the government's responsibility to pay for this. Granted, when we were shut down, the benefits were warranted, but as we are returning to normal, we cannot keep this going.

Reports about the lack of workers are coming in from communities that are known for not having opportunities to work like they do in the city. Cities like Anderson, Arcadia, and New Castle come to mind when I drive around and see now hiring signs in every window. Anderson Little Ceasers is closed on Mondays because there is no one to work. The New Castle White Castle is closing down on Saturday night because no one will work there, and after continued efforts to get people in to work combined with a 24-hour a day concept and only seven staff members, the restaurant cannot run. This is not only going on in restaurants, it is going on in logistics as Jim, a logistics company owner/operator cannot seem to find reliable staff in both his Indianapolis and Seattle locations, and he pays $17.00 per hour.

This issue causes issues for the folks working, as they are carrying the workload for several unfilled positions that cause undue hardships for owners, this was found to be true at The Indianapolis Zoo and Cedar Point in Ohio both have been struggling to find staff to keep operations running as smooth as they like. Managers and business owners are pushing 80-hour weeks and making less money. It becomes a depressing environment when you see someone enjoying the Xbox when you find yourself working through lunch because no one is around to help you. The ripple effect is also being felt in the I.T. services field as many claims show that they are working 12-hour shifts to keep on track and there seems to be no relief in sight. The construction industry is really feeling the hit because shortages caused by understaffed suppliers are causing them delays in an understaffed industry causing prices to go up and morale to go down.

We are heading into a dark place in society, one that we cannot recover from unless we pull our heads out of our a** and get on this now, The example that this shows for the next generation is not one we really want. The lack of work ethic is out of control and not only is it bad for our damaged economy, but it is also unhealthy. Humans are made to work, to function, to do something.

Sedentary behavior has been linked to a variety of health problems, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and Type 2 diabetes. Some say it can lead to depression because their desire to obtain things in life becomes absent. Our society and economy work if everyone who is able to work would come to work.

The time to shine is now, there has never been a better time in our lives to come back, to bounce back, to be the "come-back kid". For everyone out there busting their A**es every day, pat yourself on the back, and if no one else tells you this today, you heard it here, we are proud of you. For the business owners that are stressed and understaffed, keep your head up, I hope this motivates your current staff to hang in there and brings you someone who wants to join your team. To anyone who is reading this that is making more money from sitting around over going to work, please understand that this should not be treated as an attack on you, but I am here to remind you that the funds you are collecting are off of the backsides of those out here on the front lines every day and we need you to come back to work, you owe it to yourself to be a part of the greatest come-back story ever written in history, the one we are currently writing.

Written by Richard Moghadam

Editor- Editorial Piece opinion





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