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(Little Rock, AR) Items Recalled In March Impact Thousands of Buyers. Click the link to see the list

Everyone loves a deal until the product gets recalled, and many of the items we identified on the list were sold through Amazon, Walmart, and other popular retailers, we recommend checking the list. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the following consumer products were recalled in March: Click here to join the all-new Arkansas Statewide Community News Network on Facebook

PRO XL501 Chipper Shredders from DR Power Equipment

Natural Gas Boilers from Burnham Commercial

Office Chairs from TJX

Wakeboard Bindings from Active Sports

Kindred Bravely Bamboo Nursing Hoodies from Akerson Enterprises

Crib Bumpers from Meiling Hou

If you believe you recently purchased a recalled product, stop using it, and check its recall notice. Then, follow the notice’s instructions, including where to return the product or what steps must be taken to receive a replacement product.

To view recalls issued prior to March, visit the Consumer Protection Safety Commission website.

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