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Local Police Bring The Christmas Spirit For Needy Children

Ol' Saint-in-the-nick-of-time.

That was the general consensus for the families chosen by The local chapter of The Fraternal Order Of Police, They were thankful. One of the families was accepted in less than 24 hours. One of the families is a survivor of domestic violence. The feeling could not be described as our local police officers came together to restore the Christmas spirit for these children. The sense of joy could be felt by anybody shopping in the Meijer's on South Scatterfield. Watch the video!



What is the Cops and Kids Program?

The FOP Cops and Kids program is designed to build relationships between Lodge 48 and the Madison County community. Officers taking underprivileged kids shopping for Christmas presents or school supplies shows those children that the police in their area are friends and are always there to help. Giving a child a present, when they wouldn't have received one, or the supplies they need to excel in school, can make a lasting impression.

(taken from their website, a button is provided for you to visit them)

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