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Looks like a Cruel Summer For Some- And this has nothing to do with the TV or song.

They did not like what they were seeing...

Can somebody tell me why a child can shake their rear end on a video but, if someone says anything that does not agree with the political agenda of the company that owns that platform that they shadow-ban you? It rubbed Rick the wrong way too. Rick Moghadam and Doug Bowmer have been in the development of several social tools to solve the issue of small businesses being denied exposure to potential clients. The task of bringing on a social platform for short videos that works faster, and safer was not originally in the initial plan for the tech startup company Videostars. That changed when several platforms shadow-banned the mall because they were intimidated by the virtual mall experience, who are these Indiana boys anyway?

It became personal

We won't put the platform that shadow-banned the mall on blast, yet. Their day is coming, but it became personal when two days after the shadowban we discovered that one of the developers from that social media platform was consequently releasing something very similar. They did not have the number of stores that we have in the Metroplex but that was not the point. Where it became dirty is when that developer used his moderation privileges to not allow the video to crawl on the algorithm the way it was supposed to. instead, they buried it and stayed up around the clock to launch their beta release and had thousands of downloads. These should have belonged to the Metroplex. They will get their day, that is not what we are here to discuss anyway.

Are we really going to have to rebuild social platforms?

It was not what we signed up for when we opened these startups but it is what has to be done. Thankfully this is Metromedia, so we have plenty of backup resources to get the word out, Rick and Doug both agree there is a moral responsibility for them to rebuild these platforms so this does not happen to every business owner in the country. The decision became final when we noticed the bots are doing the clicks on a bunch of these social sites. Bots don't buy. There are two platforms slated for release in 2022, Videostars 2.0 is one of them, the other, we will discuss another day.

Videostars 2.0 Specs- What to look forward to:

The social platform for short videos up to 4 minutes long is going to open with a reactive frameset. This gives users the ability to upload one video that works on all frame sizes and will adjust your video automatically to fit on any screen, 2" phone, or 90" projector screen, it keeps its high definition. The creators will love that, and the fact that they can monetize on their videos at a substantially higher percentage, have the use of a creators studio that has all 17,000 of our filter combos in it, and storage space while our fees will remain lower than any other platform out there paying revenue shares, The viewer pays nothing except if they decide to throw paid emojis at your video because they like you. Streaming will be a blast on 2.0 because it will plug and play without the use of an OBS studio saving new streamers a lot of money on equipment. Users will be able to scroll live streams or uploaded videos in the VS lobby. Ads are limited to 15 seconds and play between videos after 5 minutes and every 5 minutes after 15 seconds is not a long time, and it gives advertisers a fair shake,

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