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Madison County News Network Collaborates With Circle City Magazine To Bring More Local Coverage

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Markus Jennings - Reporter


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The Madison County Community News Network and Circle City Magazine have joined forces to bring Anderson Indiana and the surrounding areas a better news reporting platform free of charge to the readers of both properties. Williams and Rick met at a missing person scene several months back and became friends. They quickly discovered that they could help each other out by sharing resources. Williams, the founder of the Facebook Page, Madison County Community News Network started the page back in 2016 frustrated by the local news coverage in Anderson, Indiana. He never asked for help for funding and has run the page free of charge to the 20,000 fans that follow it. Rick Moghadam. a serial entrepreneur and a local resident of Anderson Indiana bought The Circle City Magazine in May of 2020. When he bought the publication, it was on the edge of bankruptcy. Within six months he was able to save the publication and all of the jobs associated with it.

Williams (last name withheld ) never looked at the page as anything other than sharing news happenings in his community, but frustration has mounted due to the need for equipment, and resources. On several occasions, he reached out to his community but was not able to find the help he needed to grow the page, or get help to cover everything. The residents in Anderson Indiana have helped on several occasions by volunteering. He loves the page and wants to make sure the future of the page is stable for Anderson.

Rick Moghadam wanted a local audience, with owning several businesses across the country, he bought the Circle City Magazine in hopes that he could re-connect locally. His YouTube Channel, The Funded Project has helped many businesses get in the spotlight and grow, and his funding company, Metromedia Funding Solutions, has helped thousands of businesses find funding when their banks rejected them. He has saved countless Americans from losing jobs and the effort has grown substantially over the last several years. Rick also has developed several software applications to help businesses grow. His current audience size on all eight platforms he operates is just over 250,000 in total, and over 6,000 on YouTube alone.

Williams has a fan base locally that Rick wanted to connect with locally. Rick has the technology, funding, and staffing to help Williams to grow his page. The two friends decided to work together to bring a better news source to Anderson Indiana. The coverage and updates on Facebook that The Madison County Community News Network has been known for will continue but will post the links from the new website domain rather than posting on Facebook Directly, this will not affect how you see updates or get notified but became necessary because other news organizations have been using Williams' content without permission or compensation. The Circle City Magazine has technology working in the background to prevent the unscrupulous copycats from doing that to him again.

Developers for Circle City Magazine announced that the collaboration with WIX app development will allow the platform to become available as a phone application for both Android and Apple devices. This is free for all users and exciting addition for the two platforms!

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