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Madison County Under "Red Flag Warning" Until 8PM |What is a "Red Flag Warning"?

Brad Hope

MADISON COUNTY--The National Weather Service of Indianapolis has placed Madison County under what is known as a "Red Flag Warning" until 8 PM tonight. You might be thinking:

  • Do I need to stock up on bread, milk, and toilet paper?

  • Is this some type of rare storm event?

  • Is the safety of me, my family, and our property at risk?

  • What does all of this mean?

A "Red Flag Warning" means that a combination of mild-to-warm conditions, low relative humidity, and strong winds are expected and, when mixed with dry conditions, produce an increased risk of fire danger. Although a "Burn Ban" has not also been issued with this current warning (they are issued by each county individually), it is still recommended that a fire is not intentionally started outside, for any reason, including in a fire pit or in a burn-barrel for trash, etc. as a single ember can easily fly off, and start a large agricultural burn or forest fire. Never throw a cigarette, or match out of a vehicle (plus that's littering and could cost you $$$). Any fires that develop will likely spread very rapidly.

The "Red Flag Warning" issued today shows:

  • Winds are expected from the southwest 15-25mph with gusts up to 40mph

  • Relative humidity as low as 22%

  • Temperatures ranging from the upper-50s to the mid-60s

Please continue to check back with the MCCNN for local news that you can trust and don't forget to follow us on Facebook for up-to-date and live breaking news as it happens around Madison County.

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