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(Nationwide) The Domino Effect - The TikTok Ban Is More Than TikTok, Businesses Worried.

It has been an oasis of hope.

The platform has been home to many small businesses, and startups that launched during the pandemic. From crafters, contractors, and even educators that have supplemented their income with the platform, the possibility of a ban could not have come at a worse time.

150 Million Users spending 90 minutes on a platform would be enough for any business owner to want to promote their products or services on that platform. TikTok has become a game-changer for small businesses, as it offers several unique benefits that were not available to them on Facebook or other social platforms. Many small businesses on the platform found themselves there after failed efforts on Facebook and Google Ads. Many complain that the others are difficult to use, and the return on investment is not there, especially if your business is a start-up or has a smaller marketing budget.

Left Behind

But what happens to the businesses if they get the boot from the government? Businesses like Shop Novina that depend on the platform for their customer flow would be impacted.

The Nashville-based business found its niche on TikTok and has over 150,000 followers. They are not the only ones. We have not been able to identify an exact number of businesses that are impacted because many start off as individuals chasing their dreams and making money from a hobby that becomes popular with followers and turns into a business. Creators are flocking to platforms like Clapper and others but many mention that migrating followers is a challenge. offers businesses a free landing page where they can back up and store their content to make an easier transition but the transition of the followers is a major concern and has been the subject of conversation. Many that did not return to their regular jobs after the pandemic to pursue their own businesses claim TikTok made that possible for them.

This is deeper than TikTok

Section 5 labeled considerations show the bill could impact more than social media platforms and reads any software or hardware could be subject to evaluation. This includes VPN's Smart Devices, Emails, and even game systems.

From apps on your smart devices to the devices themselves.

Trying to circumvent the ban by using a V.P.N. could also get you into trouble if this bill is passed. You could face heavy fines or Jail Time

What can creators and small businesses do?

Creators should immediately start talking to their followers and take steps to back up their content and let their followers know how to find them. has offered small businesses and creators who could be impacted a free landing page and storage on our platform as an effort to help them. Other platforms like Clapper, YouTube, and existing platforms they are already involved with should be shared immediately with their followers. If the business or creator can afford it, they can also set up a stand-alone website. Even if they can set up a stand-alone platform they should also utilize every free platform to share their content they come across.

Clapper for Android or iPhone

How can you help?

A U.S. Capitol Switchboard operator can also connect you directly with the Senate office. (202) 224-3121 or go online

Read the full bill

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