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"No Longer Broken," the theme of Sunday Night Live - coming this Sunday- Pilot

This Sunday, we are testing an idea on how to get people from the community in front of the Camera and talk about how we get more involved in making our community a better place. If this concept works, we would like to make it a regular thing. We chose TikToc as the platform of choice for the live stream, and we will also run the live stream here on our website for those who are not able to watch on TikTok. For those of you that have TikTok, you may click on the embedded video below to follow us. We chose TikTok because streaming live on that platform and interacting in the comments at the same time is a lot easier. @madisonconews is our handle on that platform.

This week I will sit down with Mike Weller from Restoration Church and Katherine Callahan. We are talking about helping the homeless, safety concerns in Anderson, and how we can scale and grow Larry The Can Man's mission. The streaming starts at 6:45 PM, and we are streaming live from Restoration Church after the celebration service (first weekend of the month). Join us live in person or on our TicTok, The service starts at 5:00 PM, and the live stream is at 6:45 PM and will run for 30 minutes. We hope to see you there!

Restoration Church is located at 1217 Meridian Street in Anderson, Indiana - downtown.

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Venue- Restoration Church

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