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"No Political Fluff" News Concept Grows Like Wildfire- New Station Opens Today

They said they would...

The "no political fluff" movement opens its brand new news web app and page today. The wildly popular concept of local news as it happens while banning articles and videos that are politically driven launched in Anderson Indiana in the fall of 2021. Since its inception, the small-town news page has grown into the top position for local news in Madison County Indiana. The concept news source also allows local businesses to have access to affordable advertising and business services such as web development and funding through its parent company Metromedia Funding Solutions. CEO Moghadam explains that during his career with Metromedia Funding Solutions every business has one common denominator, no customers equal no money. The problem is small and medium sized businesses that do not have the same marketing budget that the large businesses have positions them at a substantial disadvantage, Moghadam also identified that the general population just wants access to the local news that is not littered with political advertisements and sponsored stories that look like news articles but are not.

Knock out two birds with one stone

Moghadam sees the audience's and merchant's pressing but equal needs that are not being met by anyone and developed the news sites to operate where the public has access to local news absolutely free of charge but keeps a tasteful balance of not allowing advertising to take away the point of the news story. Forced watched commercials drive many users away from news stations but the public does not seek the information elsewhere when it happens, they go watch videos and play on social media, Moghadam believes that this should not be the way it is. Advertisers use banner ads that are sized the same in each news story and are strategically placed in stories to that the audience sees the message the business wishes to deliver without being overbearing or rude. The numbers show that the response to the businesses' advertising is seeing more clicks. The more advertisers the news station sees, the better the content gets and it grows the audience because the funds for the news station to bring on more reporters, equipment, and effects are available. The more the audience visits the page the numbers show the more time they spend in Metromedia branded groups like Anderson Trade and Barter and other groups. Merchants see more traffic from those sites every day. The merchants that have the banner ads in news stories have been finding themselves with a plethora of new customers and many have proffered that they have doubled and sometimes tripled their monthly revenue. Moghadam mentions that this is doing more than making local news known, its creating infrastructure for local businesses to grow.

How far will they go?

Moghadam said they plan to open up Deleware county, Henry County, Boone County, Hancock County, and Hendrix County stations within the next 12 months. He is working with several existing pages and groups in those counties scouting out the best contacts to manage those and also is developing a business services crew to visit businesses in each community as they go live. Circle City will become the syndicate source where properties can share news stories and help each other grow. He plans to have this project in all 50 states in the next five years and said that as the spring of 2023 comes around that the company will be opening stations at a much faster pace. He mentions that the company is recruiting candidates for each prospective station. Station managers have the responsibility of finding solid reporters that live, work and play in that community, they also have the responsibility of working with the businesses of that community and making sure they have access to the same resources businesses enjoy in cities already in operation. He fusses that he is picky about the station managers and mentions they must keep a neutral position on issues and know the difference between news and opinions. He works diligently to make sure that social-economical issues in the communities can be addressed without political charge, he mentions this job is a lot harder than it looks. Advertising space is geared and aimed at small businesses to have a big audience. This initiative is all a part of The Funded Project's mission to save main street businesses. Rick mentioned that he sold his virtual mall in order to direct more funds and effort to the news pages.

Rick gives a big shout-out to the followers

Without the audience there would be no news page, he wants them to know that he is thankful for them every day. Moghadam has put a lot of money into equipment, and tools so they can deliver news to the followers faster than anyone else in each community. Many of the people behind the scenes work on this project because they love what they are doing. Rick also invested in live-action weather radar programs so he can help keep the community safe when it comes to dangerous weather.

Do you want to get involved and work with us?

Metromedia Branded Companies operates in all 50 states, the news stations are in Indiana but will also grow into all 50 states, there are plenty of ways you can work with us, and many start off as a referral partner for business development purposes. Metromedia only hires from its referral partner database for permanent positions across the brand. If you want to help on the mission of providing relevant news for your community and /or work with businesses to link them to resources that help them grow, then we encourage you to click the button below and leave your contact info.


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