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Online Group Confronts Alleged Child Predator - Fired from 6-figure job

36-year-old Jeren A Miles - 13-Year-Old Boy Decoy

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has confirmed to TechCrunch that Jeren A. Miles, who had been a manager of global community development, is no longer employed by the company after a video went viral on YouTube, which was then reposted on Reddit and other sites, featuring him in a sting operation conducted by amateurs with the intent of catching pedophiles.

This guy is originally from the Yorktown Area

The World Must Have Seemed Small To Him, It Felt too small for me too...

When I started watching the live stream from PCI Indianapolis it particularly caught my eye because I also freelance work in the same META community of developers. The freelance developers' community strongly frowns on these actions, within seconds the community stood behind me and made sure that as I asked for it to get to the correct eyes, they did exactly that. I have only been in the community for a month, and it is very difficult to get in. It almost seems like a fluke that I did get in, because it is usually for people that have more money than I do, and went to Ivy League School. I certainly do not fit in. I did not care if there were ramifications for me sharing this in a developer's community that looks down on me because I did not go to Yale, the only reason I got in was to service the coding for a V.R. project I am working on.

PCI Indianapolis

I recently started following this PCI Indianapolis group, and have supported the channel in its efforts. I will always stand up for the victim of a case like this. He was volunteering for a camp up in northern Indiana somewhere, and someone else on Facebook that had been watching the stream contacted the PCI Indianapolis page and had a chance to call in and confront the person he claimed to attack him.

(these photos are from when I published PCI Indianapolis' live stream in the META developer's community)

They Questioned....Tech Crunch?

The last several months have been hard for the company with several allegations flying around after a recent senate hearing. The ramifications of sharing something that could tarnish META's image could knock my account into a shadowban, but standing up to preditors is more important to me. ”The seriousness of these allegations cannot be overstated. The individual is no longer employed with the company. We are actively investigating this situation and cannot provide further comment at this time,” said a statement from a Meta spokesperson provided to Tech Crunch by Drew Pusateri,(META) . I’ll point out that Pusateri also tried to talk Tech Crunch out of the newsworthiness of this story over the phone before sending over the statement, noting that other outlets were not covering it.

Predator Catchers Indianapolis can be contacted VIA their website

I Stand Up For Children

We do not depend on Facebook, Facebook depends on its content creators like our page, they can be mad at me if they want, this is why all stories our own website. We, as in this news page, the company that owns it, and myself, collectively will not wavier, we do it for the guys like John, watch the video here. We depend on our advertisers, and our readers to keep this page going, please visit them and support them and share them.

Watch The Whole Recording Here

PCI Indianapolis - They depend on donations from viewers like you.

Here is their Cash App


Visit them at

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