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Please help find this person- theft recovery- Good Morning Anderson- Missing 13- Year- Old- Girl.

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Anderson's News - Now.

A missing 13-year-old girl needs to be reunited with her family.

Simanney made contact to us shortly after 1:00 AM and she needs the community to come forward and help her find her niece if you see her contact them as shown in the post or call the police.



Thousands of dollars worth of collectibles are missing.

The property next to the train stop deli belongs to Daniel Davisson's parents was broken into yesterday. The ring doorbell camera shows this man on the front porch. There has not been a police report filed according to Sandra Davisson, but the family would like their items returned. Any information about this will help the family with filing police reports, and the family is asking for anyone with information to please contact Stephen Davisson at 407-708-9088 or the police.



Beanie Babies, Nostalgic Collectibles

During our messenger conversation on Facebook, I asked Sandra Davisson if she could put a dollar amount on the value of the loss, she explained that over a thousand beanie babies were stolen, she further explained that many of the beanie babies also had the plastic casing. If you do not recall what beanie babies are, let me explain. Beanie Babies are a line of stuffed toys created by American businessman H. Ty Warner, who founded Ty Inc. in 1986. The toys are stuffed with plastic pellets ("beans") rather than conventional soft stuffing. They come in many different forms, mostly animals. Many of us can recall the beanie babies were wildly popular in 1997 when Ty's Teenie Beanies first released. Each one of these beanie babies can bring $10.00 to $20,000.00 a beanie.



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Here is the video:

Contact Stephen Davisson at 407-708-9088. The family wants the stolen items back.


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A warming trend looks to be in the forecast but rain and we are tracking another system for next week.

It will feel like a heatwave at 31 degrees which is a substantial improvement over -3 like we felt yesterday. Monday starts warming up but do not get the bathing suit out just yet, we are tracking another system that could nosedive Anderson back into artic weather,


Booked into the Madison County Jail 1/26/2022- 3:45 AM 1/27/22

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

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He took it personally after they tried to steal his idea.

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