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Police Chase Ends in Motorcycle Wreck - Developing Story

Around 2:00 Madison County Sheriffs ended up in pursuit of a motorcyclist on 200 south going towards Lapel, and ended up in Anderson by 38th and main, with speeds over 80 MPH and crossed 38th all the way to Satterfield, went North on Satterfield in the southbound lane, and wrecked at 32nd street at Scatterfield and the driver ( of the motorcycle) was hurt in the crash, the Anderson Fire Department was dispatched at 2:17 AM to the scene of the accident, there is also a fire at 617 E Lake street Summitville at 2:17 AM. At 2:33 AM tactical support was dispatched to the fire. The initial dispatch that took the call mentioned the family from the home was outside but there were concerns of firearms going off from the heat of the fire.

Details of the reason for the chase are still unknown to us, but we do know they discussed on the dispatch radio the motorcycle did not have a license plate. As for the driver, we do not know the extent of his injuries or pending legal woes he may be facing. We will update this story when we find out.

editor's note- " driver" is referring to the motorcyclist, not the police officer.

published edit at 3:06 AM 5/4/2022- headline clarity "crash" changed to "motorcycle wreck"

Editors note 5/6/2022- 8:49 PM- we are waiting on confirmation of which madison county department was in pursuit as it was bought to our attention that it was Lapel police, however neither have confirmed which department was actually the department that was involved in the chase.

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